Three December Birthstones - Blue Topaz, Tanzanite and Turquoise - Enhance Expression and Communication says Online Jewelry Retailer

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All three of the gemstones representing December are rich shades of blue, ranging from ancient to very recently discovered.

With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve and other winter holidays getting so much attention in the United States, those with birthdays in December can understandably feel a little overlooked. If you know a birthday gal who is feeling just a bit blue for this reason, there's no better guaranteed pick-me-up than a beautifully designed piece of jewelry featuring one of the three December birthstones - blue topaz, tanzanite or turquoise - all in deep, soothing shades of blue says online jewelry retailer

Although usually associated with Native American designs, turquoise is actually one of the world's oldest known gemstones, having been mined in ancient Persia (now Iran) and Egypt's Sinai peninsula thousands of years ago, where it was a symbol of wealth. Meanwhile, the supremely rare, velvety blue stone tanzanite was only discovered in eastern Africa in the 1960s, after which it became the first new birthstone named by the American Gem Trade Association since 1912.

In contrast, Blue Topaz is not naturally found in nature, but rather is an irradiated form of the more well-known yellow topaz. However, the natural topaz stone was indeed a much beloved gem amongst the ancient peoples. The Egyptians considered topaz to be a very powerful amulet guarding against harm to the wearer through its association with the sun god Ra. The Romans believed that topaz was the gem representing Jupiter, also their sun god, and could therefore dispel any enchantments. The Greeks attributed topaz with the power to increase strength, make its wearer invisible during emergencies and warn of the presence of poisoned food or drink.

Meaning "fire" in Sanskrit, the blue variety of topaz has also been considered an antidote to sadness and depression, replacing negativity with love and joyfulness, stimulating feelings of peace and evoking lightness of spirit. It can supposedly strengthen the intellect, calm angry tempers and prevent bad dreams or nighttime fear, according to jewelry retailer

Topaz gives its wearer faith in the universe and activates the laws of attraction as described in the popular film The Secret. It also supports confidence in one's decisions and then promotes the expression of ideas that come out of the imagination. Healthwise, it supports good eyesight, wound healing and the liver.

Turquoise - one of the few gemstones whose name is commonly used to describe its own distinctive shade of color - may come from either the French "Turquie," for Turkey, where it was mistakenly believed to have originated, or "pierre turquin," meaning dark blue stone. Made by a chemical reaction between copper, aluminum and groundwater, turquoise is most often found in arid or desert environments, like the Iran, Sinai, the Sonoran region of Mexico or the southwestern U.S., where Native Americans used it for carving figurines before early traders persuaded them to craft belt buckles and jewelry.

This versatile, protective stone enhances clear, honest communication, absorbs negativity and brings emotional balance, good luck and blessings to the wearer. It is believed that turquoise can become exceptionally attuned to its owner, taking on their characteristics and promoting self-awareness of your ideas and feelings. Turquoise is a grounding stone that helps one develop their natural powers while keeping their spiritual connection open.

A very healing gemstone, turquoise aids tissue regeneration, circulation, respiration, stomach problems, viral infections and stress. It bestows strength and protects against psychic sensitivity.

As a younger crystal, or at least one that was only recently discovered in modern times, tanzanite may be less storied, but is certainly no less powerful than the other birthstones described here. First found by Masai cattle herders in Tanzania's Merelani hills, tanzanite is very delicate (only 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale) and exceedingly thousand times rarer than diamond. Because it is only sourced within a 4-kilometer square area, geologists say that the world's supply of tanzanite may completely disappear by 2020. So now is the time to acquire tanzanite jewelry.

Similarly to topaz and turquoise, this richly colored, trichroic gemstone (which shows indigo, purple or bronze depending on the viewing point) enhances clear communication of one's highest truth. It uplifts the heart, promotes gracefulness and supports altruism, helping others in a way that sustains both the giver and receiver. Those who wear tanzanite often feel some sort of spiritual power affecting their lives positively and pulling them to a higher state of consciousness.

If you're ready to beat the winter blues, you can discover a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings featuring each of these beautiful blue birthstones at Every piece is crafted to order by fine artisans, using your choice of stone and design. So you are certain to find just the right piece of blue topaz, turquoise or tanzanite jewelry that suits you - or your lucky gift recipient - to a T.


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