Miracle-Like Testimonials and Case Studies of Advanced Therapies from BiomagScience

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In its vision of increasing public awareness about the amazing health benefits and the extreme distinction between BiomagScience energy therapies and common magnet bracelets and patches, BiomagScience is presenting the following 3 part series of statements and case studies by individuals and practitioners. For all intents and purposes, the following are miracles of health; yet is only supplementary science at work. Reported by Peter Kulish

In its continuing program of increasing public awareness about the benefits and the huge difference between scientifically advanced therapies and commercially common magnetic bracelets and patches, BiomagScience is presenting Part 1 of a 3 part series about how its alternative energy protocols have specifically helped individuals.

This 3 part series of individual statements and practitioner case studies is offered to bridge public awareness that there are advanced magnetic protocols that provide supplemental energy to help the body resolve many health conditions that were beyond normal care.

BiomagScience is the successor of 29 years of research and development in the science of MagnetoBioPhysics. It has researched with the pioneers of the science and its protocols are used by individuals, practitioners and medical institutions worldwide.

BiomagScience's quest is to make sure the public knows that there is a true science with state of the art biomagnets and scientifically developed therapies that provides major support to help the body overcome pain and help rapidly heal many acute problems and chronic conditions - often with miracle-like results.

BiomagScience.net will be publishing Parts 2 and 3 during December and then the entire series in one article in January 2009.

To coincide with the Series Release, BiomagScience.net is offering great Holiday discounts so that everyone may take advantage and perhaps give the gift of health for Christmas. For example, its Wellness kit, often referred to as the 21st Century First Aid Kit, is available at a very reasonable price. The Wellness kit provides emergency therapy for migraine, stings, bug bites, burns, sprains, strains, cuts, injury or all the very advanced therapies such as helping to regenerate nerves, help overcome CFS or Fibro or just provide good health support such as energized, structured water and Daytime therapy to increase the vitality for the entire family.

The following are the reactions that people and caregivers have had after using the therapies that are included in BiomagScience BioMagnetic kits. Respectfully submitted by Peter Kulish, Founder and primary researcher.

Avoided Carpal Tunnel Surgery I am writing to tell you of my unique experience with your Bio-magnets. I was given a set by a friend. I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my right hand. I was unable to do simple things or tasks for a very long period of time. I went to my doctor, and was told that I had to have surgery. I was unwilling as my sister had the surgery on both of her hands, to no avail. I followed your instructions in your book for six months. After this period of time the pain and numbness was gone. I now could play 18 holes of golf, instead of only 6-9 prior. I went to see my doctor and the first thing I did was to shake his hand. The grip was very tight; he rotated my wrist to see the scars of surgery, and then said "what did you do?" I told him of the magnet therapy and gave him a set and a copy of your book. What a believer you have made in me! A. D., Ohio

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relieved with Magnet Therapy I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. The pain was excruciating. Nothing helped. Pain had traveled up my arm. It was debilitating. I could no longer perform simple tasks such as lifting a book, writing or combing my hair. I consulted a neurosurgeon for help. He said I had nerve damage and suggested surgery, as the only cure. Surgery didn't appeal to me and I felt there had to be something else that could help me. Then I heard about BiomagScience. I wore the BioMagnets and within six days the pain that I had suffered with for four years was 80% better. Within 2 more weeks I was playing tennis. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it's true. I feel like a miracle happened for me. Thank you BiomagScience for helping my body heal in a natural way. MR-CA

BiomagScience notes that the specific placement of the correct energy is required to help Carpal Tunnel and all conditions. In Carpel Tunnel, it is required the magnetic energy go into one side of the wrist and not the other. The other side would not have helped produce these results.

Broken elbow heals rapidly with no pain or swelling I was riding my bike with some friends while I was supposed to be at work so naturally when my cell phone rang I tried to answer it. You guessed it; over I went and broke my elbow. I knew I was hurt but we had just gotten to the end of my street and my friends had come all the way down from Vermont to see me so I willed it better and continue to head for the bike path on the Cape Cod Canal. About an hour later when the pain really kicked in and I realized I couldn't move my arm and every little bump in the road sent a chill up my spine; it was time to go home. My son arrived about an hour later and rushed me off to the hospital where the x-rays showed that indeed I had broken my elbow. The doctor put me in a sling (he told me they no longer did the cast thing) and gave me my instructions and prescription for pain and sent me home with an appointment to see him in his office 2 weeks later. The minute I arrived home I pulled out my book by Peter Kulish and carefully read about broken bones and how to properly install the magnets in the right place. I was to leave them on for 3 full days around the clock. I know this is hard to believe but I never experienced any more pain and within 2 days I had some range of motion and by the 4th day I could completely straighten my arm!!!! When I went back to my doctor's office two weeks later he demanded to know what I had done to my elbow. He couldn't' believe it. I have to tell you that today, 8 months later; the broken arm is stronger than it ever was. A good friend of mine in California broke her elbow on her bike a week after me and she is still having real problems. I am hooked on these magnets. I keep a full set in a box in my garage just in case. Mary O - Plymouth, Ma.

Businessman able to resume healthy life with Magnet Therapy I am 74-year-old male business owner who has been on 12 different medications with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, aches and pains and severe fatigue. I would have great difficulty walking after driving for less than an hour. I was unable to kneel at church for a long time. I was quickly going down-hill and very discouraged. My doctor told me that I would have to accept my situation. My friend told me about how good he felt on a program he was on so I thought I have nothing to lose. This was not living so I threw my medication away and went on the same program as my friend. Within a few weeks I could not believe how good I felt. My aches and pains went away. I was able to kneel in church and my energy level soared. Even my blood test changed for the better in one month. My doctor couldn't believe it. He called Peter Kulish to find out more. I wore the BiomagScience BioMagnets on my chest, and took their Circulation Enzymes and Ultimate Supplement (hGH) spray. My life is back! J.G. Pa. 3-06

BiomagScience in its vision of providing complete supplemental support to help resolve many of the common issues that affect most people's health, carries a number of products such as Circulation Enzymes that help de-plaque the vascular system for decreasing blood pressure, BiomagScience's Ultimate supplement which supports cell metabolism and cell division (mitosis), Activated Oxygen for a lift to the system, and Water Jar Energizers to make structured water - what many researchers say greatly benefits the human condition. When these supplements are combined with BiomagScience energy therapies, the above story is retold by many over and over again.

Chronic back pain resolved with Magnet Therapy I have an old nursing injury from lifting patients for years. I was told I would have degeneration to the site and there was nothing I could do. I started a swimming program to strengthen the surrounding muscles but if I sat incorrectly, I would be in pain for months until the inflammation reduced. Now I apply the Super BioMagnets to the area for one day and the pain is gone. Now even when I sit improperly, there is no pain. CB-NJ

BiomagScience back therapy is comprised of two specialized energy circuits that work together to support immediate pain relief and strengthening of the muscles to hold the vertebrae in place so the nerves are not pinched and the pain does not return after the therapy.

Crushed legs - Walked in 3 months instead of 10, Pain-Free with Magnet Therapy Oct 25, 2003 crushing both knees and splintered my two legs requiring screws, bone metal rods in both lower legs. I was told if the injury had been any worse I would have lost both legs. Sent to a large hospital over 100 miles from home. Operated on 10/28/03 and was told I would be laid up till August of 2004. I placed 8 Super BioMagnets on the Proper placement of the right leg and 8 on the left leg along with some Regular BioMagnets and 2-stack Power Wafers on ankles, knees and in other places along the legs. Everyday I was asked my pain level from 0 to 10. My answer was always 0 because of the magnets. This was very unusual as all patients required pain drugs. I went to a nursing home from November 4th to the 26th. I wanted to go home in the worst way and they had intentions on my staying longer, but a physical therapist had me do something not realizing my wheelchair had no preventive tip bars installed. I was dumped on the floor and retrieved to the wheel chair by a body lift. My braces went from a 30 degree bend, then 60, and finally 90 degrees and on the 21st of January the surgeon said the x-rays showed the legs and knees completely healed and to go home and learn to walk. Today I'm walking without any aids, driving a car, etc. On January 30th I walked into the nursing home as I promised I would when I left. This made many at the hospital and nursing home amazed at my rapid recovery especially at my age 73. TM, PA

This is a severe case where the injuries were harsh and the normal term of healing long and arduous. Using BiomagScience, the correct energy placement on the proper polarity meridians of the legs provided the supportive healing to walk normally in less than three months. This would be considered a miracle if it weren't science.

Dead nerve in leg revived with Magnet Therapy I had a very bad fall, which required extensive surgery. It left me with a painful limp and complete numbness below my knee. My doctor told me there was nerve damage and I would have to live with it. I applied the Biomagnets, which took away the pain and the limp. Then I did the advanced protocol and within a week I had feeling in my leg. The nerves regenerated and the mobility increased every day - something the doctor told me would not happen. I now have full mobility. It was a horror to be told just live with it. See Video. E.R. PA

BiomagScience suggested its advanced Knee Circuit Therapy. This type of Circuit Therapy provides support to regenerate nerves, joints, and connective tissue.

Diabetes Improves with Magnet Therapy - Wow, Wow, Wow I have used the BioMagnets for years and know that they have kept me alive during my heart condition. A few years ago, with a 90% blockage, I used the Super BioMagnet and the BAO [BiomagScience Activated Oxygen] oxygen drops to keep my heart alive and my system oxygenated while I tried to get the money for an operation. The Doctor was completely surprised that I didn't have a major attack during the 3 months it took before I could get the money. He said whatever I was doing, keep it up as no Neuropathy was occurring which he did not understand.

December 20, 2005 - After breakfast I have to take my diabetic medications and to test again, I did not take any medications as mentioned and my blood sugar level shows 6.1 which is excellent and to me this is astonishing as after food sugar levels must go up without medications but with the help of enzyme capsules, it has done wonders.

December 29, 2005 - "The latest news on The Circulation Enzymes - yesterday morning I took another bold step - had a good breakfast and did not take my 3 different diabetic pills and also BP tablets.. then a usual lunch,. tea time - toast and 2 Marie-sweet biscuits. At 5.30pm I did my glucose test - shocking and surprising result was that it was at 6.5. I have my doubt that any doctor would believe me unless I was tested at the hospital. I have done this before, but not after 3 meals. My sugar levels should have gone up to 15 minimum, but they stayed at very, very normal levels. WOW WOW WOW. The blockages in my heart cleared by 100%. Blockages on my artery on my throat has been reduced to 45 to 50% from high of 75% and this is within bearable level and as such no angioplasty is needed or surgeries. I am now a young man of 37 and not 73. S. M. Malaysia

BiomagScience was equally surprised when an MD in California reported the same findings on diabetes. In an analysis of the results, it was determined that the Circulation Enzymes used in conjunction with BiomagScience energy protocols seem to super charge the enzymes which turn, it is felt, not only reduces the vascular plaque, but also the cellular plaque. With the reduction of the cellular plaque in the pancreas, the response appears that pancreas starts to correctly metabolize the blood sugar levels again.

Diagnosis, Malignant Brain Tumor I am the father of three children. My youngest is now two. When she was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor with no options. I was given 2 months to live. My heart was heavy and I was depressed. A friend asked me if I wanted to meet people that were involved with alternative healing. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? That meeting changed my life. I met Peter Kulish, founder of BiomagScience. He immediately prescribed a BioMagnetic therapy plan that included Meridian Energizing Therapy, Daytime Sternum Therapy and Nighttime Therapy. I drank Magnetized Negative Water, took Activated Oxygen, changed my eating habits and added colloidal minerals to my diet. I was determined to get well. It's over a year later now and all traces of the tumor are gone. Today I am cancer-free. I live in Malaysia with my beautiful wife and children and work for the company that is dedicated to helping humanity. Thank-you BiomagScience. R.L., Malaysia

Research suggests that a balanced diet in conjunction with good supplementation supports an anti-cancer bio-chemistry. BiomagScience's therapies support increased cellular vitality and a balanced bio-chemistry.

Distress of eye sight stopped immediately Recently I experienced a strange sensation in my right eye as I was staring at the computer screen, after having spent a few hours already on the computer. I was losing focus and was totally distracted by what was happening in my right eye. What I was seeing were some very sharp and flickering white and silvery light bouncing off tiny specks. It felt very strange and I knew right away that my eye was not "behaving normally". I immediately reached out for my Wellness kit and pulled out a power wafer and applied the negative side to the corner of my eye. In a matter of seconds that weird sight and sensation disappeared. I left the Power Wafer on for about an hour and removed it only to go out. The flickering has not returned since! I want to thank BiomagScience for the magnets and for teaching us how to use them; I don't know what I would do without it! I must say my family and I are constantly amazed at the results that we get with the magnets! SM, Furlong PA

Like the photo microscopy showing the reduction of inflammatory free radical sites on the BiomagScience research section, BiomagScience's protocols are used to rapidly support and increase in the body's natural healing energy to neutralize any inflammation which helps the physical condition to normalize.

Extremely painful TMJ / Lockjaw resolved with Magnet Therapy My TMJ was so severe on the right side that the pain was radiating throughout the right side of my face and it was difficult to eat, chew, talk or sing. I purchased the magnets because I wanted to alleviate the pain as I was taking pain killers and I wasn't happy about taking pain killers every day. So I placed a magnet on either side of my face, and taped them near my ears. The magnets relieved the pain to such an extent that the TMJ went away completely. Amazing, really, I'm so happy that the magnet worked for me. See Video.

Gingivitis and plaque disappear with Magnet Therapy I have had many problems with my teeth as I have been smoking for years. Gingivitis and plaque were a constant problem. In-between dental appointments I started drinking magnetized water and on my next visit there was no plaque build up. Also I broke my elbow skiing and the Dr. told me I would be in a cast 4-6wks. I applied the BioMagnets immediately and from that point on there was no pain or swelling. The break healed in 2 wks. I have no residual pain. M.O. Mass

BiomagScience has received reports of the reduction of plaque from drinking magnetized water for many years from its clients. Using the BiomagScience Water Jar Energizers to make structured energized water has helped many individuals to supplement many problems. Third party research shows a host of benefits including work on slowing down Alzheimer's disease.

Disclaimer: The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Testimonial results are not typical. Translations and content subject to errors and omissions. Reported by Peter Kulish


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