Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer Sonya Kahn Expresses Thoughts On The Economy, New Administration, New Year and Her NEW BEGINNING

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Sonya Kahn shares her take on the economic impact effecting music industry, being an Indie Artist and utilizing creativity and motivation in the light of hope and change.

Music is her weapon of mass construction. Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Sonya Kahn is a modern-day musical architect building bridges of communication note-by-note. With 2009 literally being a new beginning for the USA and a new administration punctuating a historical benchmark as President-Elect Barack Obama takes office, Indie music artist/music education advocate Kahn takes a realistic look at the economy, the music industry and her role as a music artist with hope and responsibility.    "I feel lucky and privileged to be here to experience these historical events with a new administration, new beginning and new opportunities for everybody. Our country faces its most serious economic crisis since the great depression, so this is the right time to change the course of this ship. Being a first generation immigrant in this country I truly believe that everything is possible. This country gives enormous, wonderful opportunities to make things happen, to start over again from the ground up - with hard work, persistence, and positive mentality, you can reach the stars," explains Kahn, a classically trained artist born in Russia with a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree in concert piano performing and musical theory. She looks to the New Year with her eyes wide open, not taking anything for granted, aware that the U.S. Census Bureau has steadily noted decline in music industry-wide CD sales. Kahn stays motivated coming off a very productive 2008, releasing her album, NEW BEGINNING and addressing Genocide in her single WHISPERING SOULS with her anti-war video getting much attention on YouTube.com/sonyakahn

"Our economic disaster affects everything and the music industry is no exception. Things will get worse before they get better, but we all know that it's temporary. Music doesn't sell the way it did before because the industry is changing. Online technology has allowed so many indie musicians to get exposure and sell their music without having a contract with major label. The 'do it yourself' mentality is powerful. You can do so many things by yourself, but the downside of being an indie musician is that no major radio station will play your music. It's more difficult to tour and have a major touring agency working with you. Licensing your music is another difficult issue, so there are pros and cons everywhere," states Kahn

With over 685,000 hits on Myspace.com/sonyakahn, Kahn takes the 'do it yourself' approach aggressively and has created a discussion group called Sonya Kahn's Speak Out Symphony groups.myspace.com/sksos. Here, she has been addressing everyday topics on the minds of her friends and fans like life cycles/time, things happening for a reason and genocide, war, media and even ethics and responsibility as she stays true to being an artist of expression.

Kahn continues to stay motivated to get people to speak up, speak out and share - giving a place of belonging to those who are in transitional change of embracing new energy in their lives. She embraces the differences between her friends and fans and celebrates them as an opportunity to learn about other people.

Representing three generations of gifted musical performers in her family, Sonya Kahn came to America only five years ago. She took it upon herself to learn a new language specifically so she can write, produce and sing songs in English. Self-motivated, this determined music multi-hyphenate prevailed with her tenacious ambition and music expertise to do it herself without compromising her need to be expressive on all topics, even controversial ones.

"When creating my Anti-War video I wanted to use real footage from the past - World War I, World War II and Iraq to show that history repeats itself and that we all can do something about it. WHISPERING SOULS is about innocent people that were killed throughout history and it's still happening. We need to unite and stop this - right now my weapon is my music. Through music I can touch more people because music has no barriers. So I am doing what I can because I will always stay true to myself and speak up about things I care for. I have learned a lot about myself. I am a very passionate person and in a way I rediscovered my strength through writing, fighting for my rights, standing up for what's fair and forgiving," states Kahn.

Kahn's 13-track CD, NEW BEGINNING, available at iTunes, CDBaby.com, Digistation.com and soon in stores. This CD features heartfelt rock power ballads, feisty driving rock songs, and a few dance-beat murmurs and is on Sonya's own label Mozarta Muzik, where she performed wearing many hats singing, songwriting, playing piano and guitar, arranging, and producing her own album. Looking to the future, Kahn is currently working on a new music video for "Sabre Dance" from her NEW BEGINNING album and is preparing for a tour rehearsing along with recording new acoustical pieces and even writing more songs.

"The hard-working, middle class in America is a powerful group of people who help increase the country's labor force, and the rescue plan for the middle class is the change we need. With this new energy I feel more fired up than ever. I think people in general have high hopes, looking forward to changes in the near future. Artistically I want to write and talk about so many things. I already started to write new songs encouraging people to come out of their shells and see the world without their glasses that filter everything. In my opinion music is rare pure element that we have on this earth. It goes through everybody leaving its mark, healing souls and helping us to survive. When we're experiencing challenging and hard times like this, it always helps us to clear our minds and cure our damaged sense of hope. As a musician I turn to music probably more than anybody that I know, when going through rough times…" declares Kahn.

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