In a Slumping Economy, Reduced Postage More Appealing Than Ever, Says Brooklyn Mailing House

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According to the owner of Select Mail, a longstanding bulk mail and direct marketing company, many businesses and organizations don't take full advantage of the low postage rates available to them. By taking a little extra care in the design of brochures, newsletters, and postcards, these businesses and organizations can save more than a little money.

Select Mail not only worked with the post office to assure we got our bulk mailing rates, but also they freed us from the many intermediate steps in the process by taking all of our information in computer files and creating the entire mailing

Gone are the days of five-star meals on company cards. Gone are the days of writing off golfing with a client as a business expense. In short, gone are the days of careless company spending. But before bringing in "efficiency experts" to fire every assistant in the office, businesses can significantly cut costs by re-examining a department usually taken for granted: the mail room.

Examine your company's last brochure. Or, if you work at a nonprofit, examine your last newsletter or fundraising mailing. Go ahead, find it, it's kicking around somewhere. Now measure it. Is it 7" X 11 ½" ? Take less than an inch off the top and the postage rate is sliced in half. Is it 4 ½" X 6" ? A measly quarter of an inch would have saved the company hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars.

George Fiala, owner of Select Mail, a bulk mail and direct marketing company in Brooklyn, says that the opportunities to save on postage are often overlooked. "The post office is more than happy to give discounts for customers that help them with their automation, but in order to receive the lower rates, companies need to start designing their mailings with the post office in mind."

Select Mail, and other such mailing houses, offer their services to businesses that either don't have the time or the equipment to prepare presorted, standardized mail, or are unaware of the sizable savings available through standardization, automation, and presorting of their mailings. The design of the postcard, brochure, or catalog usually starts, however, at the company that wishes to send it. The most professional, attractive, and cost-beneficial mailings will involve communication from the designer to the mailing company, and then from the mailing company to the post office.

"Select Mail not only worked with the post office to assure we got our bulk mailing rates, but also they freed us from the many intermediate steps in the process by taking all of our information in computer files and creating the entire mailing," says Eddie Albert, President of the 78th Precinct Youth Council of Brooklyn. "And all of this was at extremely reasonable rates."

Indeed, Fiala is so committed to postage discounts that he once wrote a letter to the Brooklyn Academy of Music when he received their brochure in the mail and saw that they missed a better rate by just a half inch.

"You had to pay the rate for flat-sized mail, which was drastically increased in 2007," he explained. "If you mailed 20,000 brochures, then that means you paid an extra $3800 in postage for the extra half inch." The executive producer responded with a personal letter of appreciation and the next BAM brochure matched postal standards.

Besides the standardization of size, there is also the issue of conforming to addressing protocol. "Another way we save people money," says Fiala, "is by staying on top of all the changing policies of the post office. On November 23rd of this year, for example, a new policy regarding National Change of Address (NCOA) processing took effect. I provide it to my clients at no extra cost. We're even equipped for the new Intelligent Mailing Barcode system, which the post office will require in a couple years."

The various ins and outs of postage rates can take some getting used to, but a quick and easy way to start saving on your company or organization's mailings is by following the "mistakes to avoid" section at Select Mail's website, at .

Select Mail has been an owner-run mailing house in Brooklyn since 1988. They are located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood with a storefront office at 485 Court Street, and are known for their personalized, relationship-based service.

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Select Mail
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