FacetPhone IP PBX Phone System Version 5 Announced

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FacetCorp announces key new features in FacetPhone. FacetPhone(TM) Version 5 provides customers with direct cost savings, better customer service, and higher employee productivity. FacetPhone V5 includes conference bridging capability, support for most SIP trunking and VoIP services, support for the Cisco(R) 7940 IP phone, call detail records in the standard MySQL(R) format along with a MySQL database implementation, enhanced management for multi-location environments, and multi-zone paging to IP phones, as well as other significant IVR enhancements.

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VoIP from the Ground Up

FacetCorp (Dallas, Texas, USA), a leading provider of advanced VoIP PBX phone systems announced a number of important new features in FacetPhone. With the release of FacetPhone V5, a complete conference bridging capability has been added. Version 5 also includes support for most SIP trunking and VoIP services, as well as support for the popular Cisco® 7940 IP phone. FacetPhone V5 now includes comprehensive call detail records in the standard MySQL® format along with a MySQL database implementation, provides enhanced management for multi-location environments, and adds multi-zone paging to IP phones, as well as other significant IVR (interactive voice response) enhancements.

FacetPhone's new conference bridging feature allows customers to easily manage their own multi-party conference calls eliminating the cost of paying an outside conference bridging service. By adding support for SIP trunking and VoIP services, customers now have more low cost options for their telephone service, whether with SIP trunking, voice PRI T1, flex or dynamic T1, or traditional analog CO lines.

The FacetPhone IP PBX was already an ideal communications solution for companies with multiple office locations and for those with teleworkers. FacetPhone V5 extends those capabilities by keeping all FacetPhone PBX servers on the wide area network continuously and completely synchronized for configuration files, voice mail, recordings, call detail records, instant messaging logs and presence management status changes. In addition, the management mechanism for server control transition from one location to another has been streamlined and simplified.

The FacetPhone flexible and powerful IVR system has been significantly expanded to make employees more readily available. Facetphone IP-PBX users now may optionally let callers decide if they want to ring through to their cell phone or even to the paging system to reach them more quickly. And the paging system has been enhanced to include group paging, similar to zone paging except the paging messages may be delivered to many easily configurable destinations such as a specific set of IP phones, a set of one or more email addresses (delivered as a WAV file), or as an outbound phone call to one or more external phone numbers. The page messages can be newly recorded on-the-fly by a caller, or they may be "canned" prerecorded messages for certain situations (e.g. 'customer needs help in the service area').

FacetPhone V5 includes several new features for call center and contact center customers. All the FacetPhone IP PBX call detail records are now stored in the standard MySQL format, making it easy to customize reports and adding 3rd party report writing availability. Also new to FacetPhone V5 are two ACD (automatic call distribution) group features. Call center supervisors and managers may now select a fixed agent order for call handling, and they may start and stop recording on-the-fly, even while monitoring a call. For outbound calls, customers may specify the outbound callerID phone number and name either by user or by trunk group, controlling what the call recipient sees for outbound call campaigns.

Another productivity enhancement included with FacetPhone V5 is the optional Parked Call Popup feature. When a call is parked, FacetPhone can automatically pop up a window on the computer screen of the person who parked the call giving them the option to add a note to that call on the FacetPhone graphical user interface. This note then shows up on the Calls List that everyone with permission can see (e.g. Sales call - Urgent!). (See screen shot).

Also in the area of productivity, users listening to their voice mail messages from a telephone now have the option to go backward (pressing *) or forward (#) 4 seconds at a time or they can pause the message playback by pressing 0. This is ideal for capturing a phone number someone has left in VM for a return call. And with FacetPhone V5, users have the option of having a "missed calls" message delivered to their voice mail box with the callerID information.

There is no charge for existing FacetPhone IP PBX customers who are under warranty or software maintenance to upgrade to Version 5. Customers not under maintenance or warranty may upgrade from Version 4 to Version 5 for $75 per port. Prospective new customers should contact FacetCorp for pricing, delivery and other information. 1.877.FacetGo (1.877.322.3846), 1.972.985.9901 or info at facetcorp dot com.


FacetPhone - "VoIP from the Ground Up"

About FacetCorp:
FacetCorp is a privately held company located in Dallas, Texas, USA. FacetCorp develops VoIP PBX business phone systems and networking solutions with an emphasis on providing outstanding product quality and premier customer service. FacetCorp's products include FacetPhone, FacetWin, FacetWin DT, and FacetTerm. FacetPhone is an IP-PBX telephone system for small to medium sized businesses. FacetWin is the all-in-one Windows to UNIX/Linux software connectivity product. FacetWin DT is a low cost terminal emulator for serial connections. And, FacetTerm provides multiple sessions for character-based UNIX or Linux applications. FacetCorp can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.facetcorp.com .

FacetWin and FacetTerm are registered trademarks of FacetCorp. FacetPhone, UTAPI and NetTAPI are trademarks of FacetCorp. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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