WALSAQ Admits To Buying and Selling Louisiana E-commerce Services

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Louisiana Buyers and Sellers Beware. In October of this year, an innovative e-commerce services site hit the Internet to an effusive accolade. Since then, WALSAQ.com has shown hundreds of Buyers and Sellers around the world why they're the top of the food chain for e-commerce services.

How is WALSAQ "wowing" everyone? When WALSAQ was in the conception phase, researchers looked at other business service sites to see what they offered and questioned Buyers and Sellers alike to see what they needed. The results created a live auction, global marketplace, built on the time-honored traditions of quality deliverables for a fair price. It also produced fantastic benefits and features for both Buyers and Sellers.

1. WALSAQ has the lowest commission fees of any Business Service site. This is a plus for Sellers, creating more money in their pockets, and a plus for Buyers, leaving more money in theirs.

2. WALSAQ created a comprehensive list of services and needs (http://www.walsaq.com/walsaq/Buyer/ListCategory.aspx). For instance, not only can you look under "Website Design", the topic is also broke down into subcategories such as "Blogs" and "Flash for Websites". This cuts down on the time that Buyers and Sellers may spend searching through services and projects that have no bearing on their own.

3. WALSAQ allows more ways for the transactions to occur. Unlike most service sites, which mainly use their own system for payment, WALSAQ added a Merchant Account to allow the ability to process credit cards.

Convenience, quality and fairness are the key terms for WALSAQ's unique platform.

Now that WALSAQ has settled into the swing of things, they're broadening their scope and attacking Louisiana E-commerce services. From design and implementation of an e-commerce website to Louisiana geo-targeting, the WALSAQ Sellers are ready to go to work.

With all the programs, products and e-commerce templates available on the Internet, many website owners think all they have to do is throw up a few photos, descriptions and prices. A classic case of "If you build it, they will come." Then, they wonder why they have little to no sales.

The plain and simple fact is that nothing is that easy, and the possibility of buying programs that aren't compatible with other systems is high. Thus the trend of sloppy websites with non-performing functions, broken links, low traffic and lower sales. What these website owners have ended up doing is spending a lot of money for little or now return on their investment.

WALSAQ kept this in mind while searching through Louisiana e-commerce employment and businesses, only to find a lack of businesses able to create a comprehensive e-commerce website for their clients. This is why WALSAQ is the Next Generation of Business Services - their ability to join Louisiana Buyers with global Sellers in a perfect business relationship.

With Louisiana E-commerce services fully incorporated into the WALSAQ platform design, there's no telling where WALSAQ will look next. What can be said is that WALSAQ is already considered the next generation of business services - a big name to live up to. They'll have to push hard to keep up with it, but pushing doesn't seem to be a problem for this company. Look out big name companies; WALSAQ is at your door.


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