Obama Needs Fitness Advice: Toronto Fitness Expert Shows The President-Elect How To Get Maximum Fitness Results in Minimal Time

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Toronto Personal Trainer, Conor Kelly, owner of Evolution Fitness, provides fitness advice to Barack Obama.

He's a busy man. Barrack Obama is about to inherit the government of a country in a major economic crisis. Is it any wonder the health of presidential candidates is always under scrutiny? Given the magnitude of the job, one does require a steady heart-rate and healthy blood pressure levels. The President-Elect is known to exercise regularly, and claims to watch what he eats, but for one Toronto Fitness Professional, that may not be enough.

"It's our feeling that Mr. Obama could really use a personal trainer," says Conor Kelly, owner of Evolution Fitness, and a personal trainer with over 14 years involvement in the fitness industry, "just based on what we know about his workout routine."

Mr. Kelly wonders about the effectiveness of Obama's workout plan, suggesting that someone who makes time for working out almost every day, and supposedly eats well, should have more to show for it. The lack of defined arms and a somewhat soft midsection, as evidenced by shirtless photos of the newly elected president, tell a different story.

What should Obama do differently? One observer reported that his routine consisted of a "full body workout," and he generally rotates his gym workouts with walking, jogging or playing basketball.

"For starters," says Kelly, "he seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time working on isolation exercises like calf-raises and tricep extensions, that isolate small muscle groups, and do little or nothing for your physique."

Kelly's advice is to focus more on basic compound exercises, involving more than one joint, because they require more effort, and involve the larger muscle groups, which is much more effective and time-efficient, perfect for busy presidents.

According to Kelly, "Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best, when at a recent McCain rally he joked, 'we're gonna make (Obama) do some squats'. Things like squats, presses and deadlifts are what he should be doing to not only be healthy, but look lean and muscular."

Obama has also been quoted as saying, "I wish I could do a 90-minute workout," which Kelly thinks would not necessarily be more productive. It has been shown that shorter, more intense workouts are more effective when it comes to fat loss.

For best results, the President-Elect should concentrate more on doing resistance training, especially where he can increase the intensity by doing circuits or alternating between two exercises without rest. "The key is to chose upper/lower supersets or antagonist muscle groups like chest and back," Kelly explains, "so that while you are working on one movement, the other muscles can recover, but your heart rate remains high." This approach is more conducive to building lean muscle tissue, which is key where it concerns boosting the new President's metabolism.

For more information on Evolution Fitness and their synergistic approach to weight loss, or for free fitness, health and nutrition tips and articles, Toronto residents are invited to visit the Evolution Fitness website at http://www.personaltrainerstoronto.com.

Note To Editor: Conor Kelly is available for candid and informative interviews on health and fitness. He can be reached directly at (416) 220-7883.


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