New Web Site Launches and is Immediately Attacked but Gets Help from Rush Limbaugh

Share Article is a new lifestyle web site targeted for conservative minded consumers. As soon as it launched it was attacked on the internet by liberal bloggers. It got a "heads up" on the attack from none other than Rush Lumbaugh and the EIB Network. is a new lifestyle Internet magazine aimed at the tastes of conservative minded people. It's pretty light and doesn't take itself too seriously. Too bad they can't say the same about their detractors. A company spokesperson explains it like this, " We are always looking for fresh voices and we put an ad out on Craig's list. Little did we know we would get some people who hate us already and we're barely out of the gate! We never would've known about it until we got an email forwarding the post to us from none other than Rush Limbaugh."

The company can't confirm it was Rush himself who sent the email because he is on vacation this week but it definitely came from his email address. Some believe it could be a staffer for El Rushbo who is on alert for anything that mentions Rush. "When our site was lumped in with Rush on this wacko's rant it probably set off some software alarm they have and they wanted to notify us to be wary," according to a company spokesman.

Conservative Cool won't put the rant on this press release but lets just say the last line of it calls them:
"you self loathing, unpatriotic, fascist, tyranny favoring elite enemies of freedom"

Granted, their target market is a more rational consumer but if you want to read the rest of the rant go to

"You never want to launch a brand with a negative response but in this case we're hoping controversy sells," quips Kerwin McLaughlin, VP of strategic branding for the site. "We just want to put out a fun product for people who don't hate but guess what, haters buy clothes, too.

"Being in sales and marketing this long, I've had lunch with a lot of brand managers and marketing people who just want to market their products to everyday people and don't want to advertise on sites that will have their brands aligned with certain extremist causes," McLaughlin also stated. "You'd be surprised how many clothing manufacturers who know that people don't associate themselves with designers or buy things they see on Paris runways. They just want good quality at a good price."

That's why we launched Conservative Cool. We didn't do it to get bloggers riled up!

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