If Valentine's Day Needs a Second Take, Attend a 'Shake or Date' Party to Laugh Off Post-Valentine's Blues or Meet Someone New

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Margo Metro today announced their launch of 'Shake or Date' Parties Based on the increasingly popular iPhone and iPod Touch application Shake or Date. Shake or Date Uses Real-Life Dating Stories to Entertain and Provoke Opinions about Dating.

a great icebreaker at bars or parties

Margo Metro Corp today announced it is launching a series of 'Shake or Date' social events based on the increasingly popular iPhone and iPod Touch entertainment application Shake or Date. Using the Shake or Date product as a conversation starter, Shake or Date parties will provide a chance to chat about dating preferences, laugh about past dates gone bad, and have fun getting to know new people.

Based on 100s of true dating stories provided by daters from all over the world, Shake or Date is a conversation starter designed to get people laughing and talking about dating. Shake or Date was first released as an entertainment application available for iPhone and iPod touch on February 2, 2009. By February 13, Shake or Date had already achieved national recognition.

Apple iTunes AppStore customer reviews of Shake or Date call Shake or Date "a lot of laughs", "hilarious!", "a great icebreaker at bars or parties", and "highly recommended!" Margo Metro's Shake or Date social events will give users a fun, party atmosphere to mingle while they play Shake or Date and maybe even get a date in the process.

Attendees are encouraged to wear the Shake or Date colors to the party. In Shake or Date, all the men are blue silhouettes, and all the women are red silhouettes to focus attention on dating behaviors rather than physical appearance. In keeping with this spirit, men are encouraged to wear blue shirts, and women are encouraged to wear a red top or a red dress. Shake or Date is designed to prompt lively conversations about dating preferences and expectations by provoking reactions to different dating experiences. The topics of chemistry and attraction are addressed in the Shake or Date dating stories.

Shake or Date event attendees with an iPhone or an iPod touch can check out Shake or Date in advance by downloading Shake from Apple's iTunes App Store. In the Shake or Date iPhone and iPod Touch entertainment application, users can literally shake their iPhone or iPod Touch to shake off a character they don't want to date anymore within the application. To advance to the next date, users press the Date button. Event attendees, who do not have an iPhone or iPod Touch, can play Shake or Date with a group using one iPhone or iPod Touch, using Shake or Date cards, or using projected images of date scenarios at the event venue.

To play Shake or Date with a group, have one person read aloud a date scenario provided by the Shake or Date application or card. Based on what happens in the date scenario, everyone in the group can say whether they would "SHAKE" the character or continue to "DATE" the character. Everyone is encouraged to talk about why they'd shake the character or date the character.

To give players a feel for how to play Shake or Date, Margo Metro released two Shake or Date YouTube videos. One video is a one-minute teaser. The other video is about 6 minutes and explains how to play. Links to both videos are available at Margo Metro's Web Site and can be found online via these links:

Shake or Date - Teaser
Shake or Date Teaser Video on YouTube

Shake or Date - How to Play
Shake or Date How to Play Video on YouTube

Shake or Date is available immediately for download from the Apple iTunes App Store. The application costs US $4.99 or about half the cost of a Martini.

To find out about future Shake or Date events hosted by Margo Metro, times, and locations, please visit http://www.margometro.com.

About Margo Metro:
Margo Metro produces social-experience games and entertainment applications, as well as social events for dating life. The company's flagship product, Shake or Date, is a mobile entertainment application available for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Margo Metro was founded in 2008 by Margot Siek. For more information, visit http://www.margometro.com.


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