Travel Incentive Programs...a Success our Economy Can't Do Without

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Because of implied deceits, many corporations today are not able to perform their normal business operations for fear that they will be perceived as "foolishly expending profits/money". According to Marketing Ventures World-Wide, we need to stop confusing corporations who utilize travel marketing programming (efforts that drive leading wage earners to realize "new dollars") for which they're rewarded with a small percent of the incremental income they earned with travel for two somewhere in the world.

Marketing Ventures World-Wide, a specialized boutique operation in the Travel Incentive Business, has heard and seen enough. The recent set of ludicrous attacks on the Corporate America that incents its marketplace utilizing extraordinary travel adventures has got to cease.

Over the past six months an array of fabrications have led to improper perceptions misleading the American public as to what and how corporations can (and in most cases, should) earn good money. It is not only unjust, it is wrong! Wrong for our economy not to be able to deploy incentive programs that generate incremental income, and even more wrong for our workforce not to be able to earn dream rewards as compensation for extremely hard work.

Since the precipitous slide of the world economy began to accelerate last fall, a lot of discussion has focused on the roles of corporations as a source of many of the financial problems facing us today. As is always the case, there are those who are guilty of inappropriate deeds - and those who are not. For, while admittedly some corporations and executives have been excessive…traveling the world and foolishly expending dollars on lavish sets of luxury…most are Corporate Innocents who've been unfortunately confused with their evil counterparts.

Today this confusion is manifest in the form of horrible injustices being played out in the communication sector of our society subjecting these Corporate Innocents to unfair attacks on their public actions. Because of these ill-conceived perceptions being loudly proclaimed, the reality of specific situations becomes lost in a flow of the misdirected blasphemy that should be targeted at the wrongdoers.

Who are these Corporate Innocents? They are those corporations who are/were "smart enough" to deploy travel incentive programming to drive their workers to greater accomplishments utilizing a program payoff of wonderful travel rewards for earning new heights in profits and sales. Most of the results realized by these corporations from their sales contests are outstanding returning millions of incremental dollars. These are the same dollars that are fundamental to their corporation's overall performance ratings/value (reflected, of course, in stock and bond prices).

Why worry about Travel Incentive users laying low for the moment? What's the big concern just because some key promotional tools stay in the shed for a while. Well, let's examine the two very special things that happen when incentive travel programming is used in the marketplace. First, the 20-50% increases in monies generated above plan…those gross profit dollar increases earned by leading performers. And most of these "new dollars" stay in the coffers of the corporation as only a small portion of these new funds are used to underwrite the travel experiences their finest people enjoy while far away from home.

The efficiency and effectiveness of these wage earners…people who get up early in the dark of morning, people who are gone all week and sometimes can't get home on time due to a delayed flight…is difficult to categorize other than it's phenomenal. The amazing factor more than any is that these people become "repeaters"….they learn to love both their accomplishments as well as enjoy their rewards.

The second special thing that happens is the effect these programs have on the marketplace. When the top end performers achieve their targets, money is infused directly into the marketplace to underwrite the delivery of the rewards program. The $240 billion program dollars put to work in the creation of 2.4 million jobs in areas including but not limited to promotion, air and ground transportation, accommodations, event planning, food & beverage, accounting and legal services.

We must stop annihilating these Corporate Innocents who've come under fire unjustly for appearing to be bad spenders. We must allow the Innocents to go forward with their means of earning money utilizing but a small portion of their proceeds to reward their finest wage earners. We must stop our paranoia that confuses the "smart corporations" with the excessive spenders, and allow them to regain their intelligence and profitability that contributes to major sectors in our economy.

Ashton S. Edwards

Marketing Ventures World-Wide
1445 Boston Post Road
Guilford, CT 06437


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