BrainBaths Launches Virtual Mind Spa Application on Apple IPhone & IPod Touch

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Relax, focus, inspire… BrainBaths is a revolutionary 3D Sound application that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a spa for your brain. Immerse in a sound bath of powerful mind enhancing frequencies that that tune the brain into deep states of relaxation, focus and peak performance.

your brain into deeper states of awareness, focus and relaxation:

BrainBaths, the revolutionary 3D Sound application layered with binaural beats, premieres worldwide on Apple's IPhone/IPod Touch this week. Using stereo earphones, the three dimensional sounds can be experienced as they surround your head and even travel through it. Like a sonic hologram, one can actually 'feel' the sounds as if they were the real deal. Then mix in your choice of specially designed BrainWaves, also known as binaural beats. From peaceful sleep and meditation to enhanced learning and energized focus, these tones contain specific frequencies that entrain the brain into deeper states of awareness.

Combining 3D Sound environments with binaural beats has a uniquely powerful effect on the area of the brain that perceives dimension through sound, while gently shifting brainwave activity. This creates an exquisite experience of being transported out of normal space-time into a virtual reality of mind-body attunement.

Take a quick dip or luxurious soak to inspire moods for relaxation, peaceful sleep, enhanced concentration for study or tests… or motivating inspiration for athletes or performers.

For review, special free download code available upon request. For more information about BrainBaths, please visit the website

BrainBaths was developed by Dubeytunes,Studios, an award winning immersive-media production company. Stuart Dubey is available for interviews and has some interesting stories of the successes of listeners. Available now at App Store for only 99 cents.

Additional Information:

Take a BrainBath
Submerge into a virtual paradise and choose from an assortment of revitalizing and rejuvenating sonic immersions for a variety of healthful results. Deep relaxation. Enhanced focus. Increased alertness. Pure entertainment. Includes:

Brainbath, Breezy Chimes, Bubblebath, By the Road, Campfire by Creek, Crickets, Dock of the Bay, Fireworks, Green Pastures, Jungle, Laughter, Lift Off, Mountain Brook, Mountain River, Mountain Stream, Rain in Meadow, Rain in Rainforest, Rolling Thunder, Summer Meadow, Swamp, Walk in the Park, Waterfall, Waves and Seagulls, Waves, Wetland Loons, Whale Calls, and Your Ovation

Then select a BrainWave from the specially crafted collection. Each designed to gently entrain "your brain into deeper states of awareness, focus and relaxation:"

Brain Latte, Clear Insights, Creativity, Deep Meditation, Deeper Meditation, Headache Soother, Peaceful Sleep, Relaxation, and Superlearning

User Quotes:
"Incredible detail to the sounds, I've never heard anything like it!" -SallyL

"By far the best relaxation and brain entrainment application I've tried, and I've tried them all" -RickK

"So soothing, lulled me right to sleep last night… " -DaveB

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