Company Offers Cutting Edge Solution for Septic System Problems

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Septic System company, Septic Genie, announces the launch of their new SG Series 60 product, helping homeowners to restore failed or failing septic systems, without replacing their drain field.

On average, a septic system will last about 20 years before they start failing. The soil surrounding the drain field becomes clogged and will not allow liquid to drain down through the soil like it's designed to do. When this happens homeowners start to see one or more of the following symptoms: Soft spots or spongy soil over the drain field; liquid breakout; gurgling drains; foul smelling odors; aggressive plant growth over the drain field; frequent pumping or back-up in the house.

Septic Genie says they have a product to help solve this problem with the launch of their new SG Series 60 product, helping homeowners to restore failed or failing septic systems without replacing their drain field. This latest version of their technology, building on the original product that debuted over ten years ago, offers greater power and efficiency in digesting organic waste in septic tanks and speed up the drain field restoration process. Septic Genie returns drain fields to proper functioning and keeps them from failing in the future.

For example, Donna from South Dakota, called Septic Genie explaining they had been experiencing frequent back ups into the house and were pumping their septic system at least once every six months. In the two months before installing the Genie, they pumped 4 times at a price of $168 each time. They purchased the Genie and installed it one week before the Sturgis rally. They rent their house out for the rally and 4 to 8 extra people stay there for a 10 day period. They were very nervous about the septic system being a problem, but needless to say, it worked perfectly. Everyday her husband opened the lid on the septic, and everyday the water was clean and at exactly the same level, no matter how much it was used. They do 4 or 5 loads of laundry in a row now and never worry at all. According to Donna," The Septic Genie is an amazing thing. I am just waiting for the day when someone tells me they have a septic problem. I know I could tell them how to fix it and why it would work."

This time of year is great to fix your septic system. With the weather slowly improving, and temperatures getting warmer, it gives you the perfect chance to install Septic Genie and get your system working properly before summer.

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About Septic Genie:
Septic Genie has over 40 years of experience with wastewater and septic treatment systems. Using the knowledge they have gained during this time, they developed a great product for homeowners with old septic systems. Septic Genie gives homeowners an alternative to the costly, messy, and disruptive process of drain field replacement while providing an environmentally friendly process.


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