This Weekend (13-15) Live in LA (Whiskey/More), Veritas Continues Their 'Truth' Tour As Popular Act Blankets the West Coast With Edgy Show

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Adopting their name from the Latin word for "truth", the Seattle-and-Los Angeles-based alternative pop/rock band Veritas ( uncovers the truths that lie within themselves and within their audiences on their first west coast live tour. The Band Plays This weekend (13-15) throughout LA on Mar 13 2009 - 8:00P - Hogue Barmichael's - Newport Beach, California; Mar 14 2009 - 2:00P - The Airliner - Los Angeles, California and Mar 15 2009 - 9:00P - The Whiskey A Go Go w/ Gun Powder Secrets also in Los Angeles.

Adopting their name from the Latin word for "truth", the Seattle-and-Los Angeles-based alternative pop/rock band Veritas ( uncovers the truths that lie within themselves and within their audiences in their first west coast tour. With a manic and unpredictable, crowd-pleasing stage show, songs that combine quirky yet poignant, clever yet emotion-drenched lyrics with playful harmonies, wicked guitar riffs, and fun, catchy melodies, Veritas is poised for crossover success.

"Man, it's going to feel so great to get out of the studio and back onto the road for The Truth Tour," says Chanel Summers, Veritas' inspired drummer. "We've been cooped up way too long but now we're finally letting loose. We can't wait to see our fans again and make new ones along the way. It's time to own the west coast!" And own it they will. Because who else but Veritas could deliver a set that ranges from a pop song extolling the virtues of plastic surgery, to a love song about a serial killer, to a tribute to "The Karate Kid" and an epic journey through the mind of a notorious child murderer?

Veritas is fronted by two lead singers: Will Moore (male vocals/guitars) and Jamie Rose (female vocals/keyboards). Moore is a British-trained musician and actor who spent the majority of his formative years moving around the U.S., Japan and United Kingdom developing his sense of style and musical sensibilities. Rose embodies much of the band's artistic soul, delivering captivating vocals and haunting keyboard tunes that intertwine with Moore's memorable guitar riffs. The signature melodies are solidified by bassist Thai "Thaiphoon" Dao (bass). Thaiphoon's an imposing on-stage figure whose Southern California-developed bass riffs belie a hint of his early upbringing in Kobe, Japan. The band's line-up is further energized by sexy Chanel Summers (drums) and recent addition Andrea Jasek (guitars). A fixture on the Seattle music scene, Summers is unquestionably one of that city's most creative, energetic, and inspired drummers known as much for her fiery delivery as for her on-stage antics (and for her former role as a developer of the Xbox video game system).

The band's history is as intriguing as their repertoire and personnel. After developing their sound - a fusion of alt-rock, electronica, and experimentation suggestive of groups like Paramore, Muse and Shiny Toy Guns - in the vibrant Los Angeles indie rock scene, Veritas relocated to Seattle in 2008 to begin work on their debut album, "White Lies & Pretty Poisons". The album was recorded at historic Avast Studios by producer Len Hotrum (Point One, The Crying Spell) and legendary engineer Kelly Gray (Queensrÿche, 3 Doors Down), mixed by Jules Hodgson of KMFDM fame and mastered by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta at world-famous mastering house The Lodge. Veritas' music covers a diverse artistic panorama from the melodic to the dramatic. Anthems of pleasure and pain and explorations of the human psyche soar on seductive pop melodies and are conveyed by explosive guitar riffs, danceable rhythms and driving beats, while lush instrumental textures refine the sound. And the band's unique friction between its male-female fronting team is fraught with chemistry, which lends a scintillating dimension to the band's performances. Front man Will Moore's depth of emotion and dramatic style is countered by front woman Jamie Rose's punchy and sometimes ferocious delivery.

The band's live performances mirror their studio experience: truly a winding road of exploration, experimentation and upon completion, exhilaration. When asked to select her favorite song from the upcoming tour, Jamie Rose, lead singer and synth kitten, summed it up this way: "Choosing my favorite new song is next to impossible: I love them all! But I'd have to say that each time I listen to "Diggin the Darkness" I feel a little something extra, deep down. Of all our songs, I think it really expresses who we are as a band right now. At first listen it gets under your skin like any great pop song, but on repeated listening the layers fall away and you'll hear the twisted lyrics and the haunting images, the unusual structure and harmonies, and the uncomfortable truths. I have to say, I'm really proud of how "Diggin" turned out: a perfective microcosm of our style and approach as a band."

Reflecting on hitting the road after months spent sequestered in a Seattle studio, front man Will Moore asks, "Having the chance to go into a recording studio or to go on stage in front of our fans - how can you possibly choose between the two? Either way we're incredibly lucky. In the studio we have the chance to strive for perfection: to create the perfect embodiment of our sound down to the last little nuance. But the power and the energy of a live show is just something that can't be described. It requires a constant connection to do right - between me, my bandmates, and the audience. Our live shows are all about taking a risk - every night. Its ultimate freedom to feel that release of perfection set against the immediate pain that bites back hard if something doesn't work out. I like dancing between those two realms."

And that's just what Veritas plans to do with their fans, new and old. As they embark on their first national tour in support of their debut album expectations and energy levels are high. There's no way this band can miss, TRUTH be told.

Mar 13 2009 - 8:00P - Hogue Barmichael's - Newport Beach, California
Mar 14 2009 - 2:00P - The Airliner - Los Angeles, California
Mar 15 2009 - 9:00P - The Whiskey A Go Go w/ Gun Powder Secrets - Los Angeles, California
Mar 16 2009 - 10:00P - The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 17 2009 - 8:00P - The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 18 2009 - 7:00P - Mo's Neighborhood Bar - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 20 2009 - 9:00P - Flying M - Nampa, Idaho
Mar 21 2009 - 8:00P - The Locus - Rexburg, Idaho
Mar 22 2009 - 8:00 - The Bouquet - Boise, Idaho
Mar 27 2009 - 7:30P - El Corazon w/Roxy Epoxy/The Rebound/The Action Design Seattle, WA

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