USA Skypanels Announced Today the Positive Effects Children at Cox Elementary School Have Benefited from Since its Donation of Skypanels™

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Students effected by Children autism in the Learning Connections Program at Cox Elementary have shown improvement when placed in environments with Skypanels™ light diffusers.

The Effects of Fluorescent and Incandescent Illumination Upon Repetitive Behaviors in Autistic Children

USA Skypanels announced its donation of six Cumulus II light diffusers to Cox Elementary school today. Skypanels™ are custom designed, decorative translucent panels, that fit into standard fluorescent ceiling fixtures and replace the dull, brittle, plastic stock diffusers found in most commercial offices, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Skypanels™ have been placed in many classrooms for children with special needs across the nation. Adikie Mosby, a special education teacher at Cox Elementary in Concord, North Carolina had six Cumulus II Skypanels™ installed in her classroom. Instead of looking up at the standard brittle plastic diffusers that are known for their harsh lighting, students now work under images of soft billowing clouds. The light that emits through the translucent inks on a Skypanel™ is on a blue scale, and promotes the same elevated feelings of happiness and calm that the color blue is attributed to.

Mosby teaches students in the Learning Connections program from Kindergarten to second grade. The program is designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have average to above average IQ and/or academics at or above grade level.

A study called "The Effects of Fluorescent and Incandescent Illumination Upon Repetitive Behaviors in Autistic Children," conducted by Richard S. Colman, Fred Frankel, Edward Ritvo, and B. J. Freeman showed the findings of six autistic children who were observed under two conditions of background illumination. During two sessions, the room was illuminated by fluorescent light, and during two other sessions, by equal intensity incandescent light. Subjects spent significantly more time engaged in repetitive behavior under fluorescent light. Previous research suggested that these findings were related to the flickering nature of fluorescent illumination.

Since the instillation of Skypanels™ at the end of February 2009, Mosby has seen a noticeable calming effect on her students. "The classroom is so quiet during work activities even though we have multiple groups going on at the same time," Mosby said. "The students no longer complain that the lights are too bright and they seem more relaxed and calm."

Skypanels™ capture the essence of nature while creating an illusion of being under real skies and other natural therapeutic settings. Skypanels™ have been attributed to reducing tension and headaches by providing relief from the harsh glare of traditional overhead diffuser lighting. By creating a feeling of being outdoors, Skypanels™ users sited elevated moods, feelings of calmness, as well as an increased overall sense of well being, as compared to those who worked under traditional light diffusers.

Used by thousands of customers nationwide, USA Skypanels™ delivers quality products at affordable pricing. Coming in a variety of designs ranging from clouds, to colorful blossoms, to a variety of trees, and hot air balloons, Skypanels™ bring the relaxation and color of the outdoors, into a variety of interior settings including healthcare facilities, offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, spas, hotels, restaurants, homes and schools.

Skypanels™ can be ordered individually or as a set, creating a virtual sky. Installing Skypanels™ is easy and can be completed in minutes with minimal effort. Weighing 1.75 pounds and measuring 24" x 48", Skypanels™ can be cut with a razor blade to fit into any ceiling space. Made from 100% acrylic with the images screen printed directly onto the panels, Skypanels™ are built to last for up to 20 years under normal inside lighting conditions and for up to 10 years outdoors. Skypanels™ are created with a protective layer of UV coating.

Founded in 2004 USA Skypanels, Inc. is a strong supporter of local charities, donating a portion of its proceeds from every Skypanel™ purchased to worthy organizations. For more information about Skypanels™ products please contact USA Skypanels, Inc., 6180 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 320, North Hollywood, CA 91606 USA. Phone: (888) 475-9726; Fax: 818-980-9021; Internet;; email: Sales (at) USASkypanels (dot) com.

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