Actress Natascha Slasten Signs with PR Agency 8pr

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British based actress Natascha Slasten ( has signed with public relations agency 8pr to manage her profile.

Natascha Slasten (, voice-over artist and actress, has signed a deal with public relations agency 8pr to manage all aspects of her profile and promotional activities.

Natascha believes it's her need for self-expression and a desire for an independent lifestyle that pushed her into this career. "It is a very different career from your normal 9-5 job which in comparison is fairly secure," she says, when questioned on her drive.

Working hard in a 9-5 job whilst studying part-time is how she started out. Conviction that this was her chosen profession led her to giving up steady employment to enroll on a full-time postgraduate acting diploma at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. "Once I finished that, I went straight to LA to take part in the TVI Actors Studio's National Actors Intensive Course.

She was always aware from a young age that whatever path she followed it would have a creative moniker. In her late 20s, the realisation that she wasn't leading the life she envisaged prompted a frenetic round of dancing, singing and acting classes. Somehow, amongst this flurry of energetic outlets acting came to the fore.

What followed was a variety of stage, film and voice-over work stretching from Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" as 'Isabella' and as 'Puck' in "Midsummer Night's Dream" to commercial voice-over work for Heineken and Microsoft. With an array of achievements in both acting and voice-over work it is very clear that she has learned to be adaptable, embracing all manner of challenges to stretch her repertoire. "It's the variety (of roles) that makes us true actors. How far away from your own personality can you go and yet portray a truthful character?" She cites Cate Blanchett and Anthony Hopkins as being inspirational in their ability to do just this. "I would love to play a dark, mysterious character, someone multi-faceted who you can't quite 'get' or put in a box very easily." There is a longing to be challenged by paradoxical strong emotions in one character and this is what Natascha would like to explore in her future roles. "On the other hand" she says "I also love sitcoms, especially the American ones!" A "nicely off-the-wall eccentric character" is also on her list of wants.

In response to the question 'What is it like to be an actress today?" she replies, "tough!" and when pressed, admits that, aside from talent and dedication within the acting profession, a lot depends on luck and being in the right place at the right time. Step by step attainment, she feels, rarely happens within the world of an actress. "You just can't predict when something is going to happen." Uncertainty breeds stress and the business is rife with pressurised situations like castings and call-backs. Fostering a coping strategy helps within these environments of acceptance and rejection. Commenting on this part of the process Natascha says, "The only way to deal with it is to prepare as such as you can and to try and be yourself." Adopting an attitude of "next!" appears to be the only way to keep spirits and confidence high. "Yeah, I kind of forget about a casting the minute I walk out and focus on the next thing. You can't dwell on it."

"In this business, you just never know what to expect." In a quiet, tender moment during a performance of the modern production 'Nana' the spotlight sought out two actresses - one of whom was getting set to pass the 'baby' to the other. As the 'baby` was tenderly offered from one to the other the doll's right leg came off and clattered to the floor. London based actress, Natascha Slasten, easily recalls the baby-passing incident as being one the funniest she has had to deal with in her career as an actress. "I remember trying not to laugh at that moment took every ounce of my energy." Hearing the suppressed giggle from a fellow actress turned out to be the final straw and the two fled the stage. "We hid behind a pillar and laughed so much we had tears streaming down our faces."

At the end of 2008 Natascha teamed up with public relations agency 8pr to manage her career progression and publicity. And she has a lot to shout about, having completed a project with artist Paul Hodgson of Marlborough Fine Art for the BBC and voice-overs for German TV commercials. With a toss of her glossy hair she contemplates her future. "I am hoping that I'll be lucky enough to play an interesting variety of complex characters both on stage and screen." German born and fluent in a number of languages gives her an international edge that opens doors to a variety of markets. "At the moment, I am particularly looking at the US market" and with a wry smile she adds "but I'll go where the work takes me."


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