Dealzer Hydroponics Providing Range of Products for New Hydroponics Industry

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The new hydroponics industry features a wide range of systems designed to provide consumers high yielding crops of organic plants 365 days per year. With more than 50 systems, Dealzer Hydroponics features one of the largest product lines in this new industry.

With the high-speed rate of plant growth derived from hydroponic systems, I wouldn't be surprised if their use solved world hunger

The hydroponics industry is the newest field to provide life-changing products to consumers -- a range of hydroponic systems and grow boxes for cooks, hobbyists, farmers and anyone with a desire to grow their own organic vegetables and take control over their diets. Featuring more than 50 systems, Dealzer Hydroponics is a leading vendor in this new industry, with products that meet any budget.

"Mass production of produce for the almighty dollar is destroying peoples' health. Since the government cannot be relied on to regulate farms and the chemicals and pesticides so often used on crops, more and more people are beginning to grow their own vegetables and take control of what they put into their bodies," says Albert Farajian, owner of Dealzer Hydroponics. "Why continue eating tainted vegetables when you can easily grow your own organic tomatoes and fresh vegetables in an easy-to-use hydroponics grow box system, right in your own kitchen?"

A hydroponic system, or grow box, is a self-contained controlled ecosystem in which plants are grown in nutrient-rich water rather than soil, and in which lamps, not the sun, provide the light needed for growth. The use of water and artificial light in a hydroponic system enables plants to grow at maximum efficiency, as the balanced ecosystem provides each plant the appropriate atmosphere it needs for optimal growth, 365 days a year. The result is plants that grow five to 10 times faster than in a natural environment, resulting in a greater yield per growing season. With a hydroponic system, plants that normally yield once every three months can be harvested once per month. All plants, herbs and flowers grown in Dealzer's hydroponic systems are 100 percent organic.

Dealzer Hydroponics features more than 50 different hydroponic systems from a variety of manufacturers. The grow box systems available through Dealzer are easy to operate, designed with the grower in mind and arrive fully assembled and ready to use -- all the grower needs to do is add water, nutrients and the seeds of his or her favorite plants.

Another benefit of hydroponic grow boxes is that a variety of plants can be grown in a small amount of space; hydroponic growing takes up much less space than traditional gardening, and plants can grow close to each other while having enough room to flower. Grow boxes are also ideal for people who live in apartments or condos that still want to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with growing one's own food.

Easy for anyone to use in any environment, hydroponic systems could have a lasting impact.

"With the high-speed rate of plant growth derived from hydroponic systems, I wouldn't be surprised if their use solved world hunger," Farajian says.

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