ABC Office Announces the Addition of a New Pharmacy / Prescription Bottle Shredder

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ABC Office is proud to announce the addition of the new UC5500 ScriptStroyer pharmacy / prescription bottle shredder. This new shredder is a unique addition and makes HIPAA compliance easier for the medical industry.

ABC Office, a leading online dealer of office automation equipment, is proud to announce the addition of the UC5500 ScriptStroyer pharmacy / prescription bottle shredder. This new shredder is designed to shred sensitive customer information found on prescription bottles, making pharmacies and medical facilities compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Keeping customer, patient and client information safe and secure is becoming more of an issue, especially during a time when new allegations of identity theft seem to be popping up every day. With a turn in the economy, and with tough economic conditions hitting many individuals, people who would normally never consider a life of crime are jumping on board the identity theft bandwagon. Businesses, including pharmacies, simply cannot "assume" customer information is safe.

It is important to maintain a set of strict regulations and rules when handling patient information. This helps protect the business against thieves and rogue employees. Pharmacies may be shredding paperwork and other sensitive information, but also need to shred patient information found on medical prescription bottles. These bottles often include a name, birth date and other confidential information. Used bottles should never be thrown in the garbage, but rather be shredded.

The new UC5500 ScriptStroyer (, from Martin Yale, shreds all types of prescription drug bottles, both dry and liquid. A slot in the machine is designed to take plastic bottles, shredding the plastic, cap, adhesive label and all printed information. This new shredder can also shred paper, making it an all-in-one information destroyer. The UC5500 is designed to be placed under a counter for easy use and access, while keeping it out of the view of customers.

One reason pharmacies opt for using the UC5500 is because it has a quiet motor, which doesn't interfere with daily business and because it is easy to maintain. Many people do not know that shredders, even the most basic, need to be oiled. Unlike many shredders on the market, the UC5500 ScriptStroyer has an automatic oiler, which keeps the shredder blades well lubricated for prolonged life (

ABC Office is excited for this new addition and expects this shredder will be a hit with its customers. For more information on the UC5500 ScripStroyer, or for more information on HIPAA rules and regulations, please contact David Stuart, Marketing Supervisor of ABC Office, 1-800-658-8788, info(at)


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