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We take universal search, and turn it around and present the searcher highly relevant results. We understand the average searcher does not look past the first five results, so we don't just present a bunch of different Web sites which may contain a search word

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preFind Search Technologies today announced the Beta 1.0 release of their next-generation search product named preFind. Designed by industry veterans who understand the inefficiencies of the available search offerings, preFind increases the effectiveness of the user search experience by guiding the searcher through the search process. This guided search functionality is delivered through a set of complex algorithms that are at the heart of the preFind product.

"Guided search is a process. It's radically different from the other search methods available today. For guided search to be effective, it needs to be integrated into the search process from the very start of the search product development cycle. By doing so, the search process can be developed to more closely follow how a human brain processes information," stated co-founder Dr. Joseph Arpaia, a highly accomplished board certified psychiatrist.

The majority of searches currently performed through the existing search engines are usually one- or two- word searches. By using ineffective search queries the returned search results are not as focused as the searcher would like. The desired search results are rarely, if ever, achieved forcing the searcher to either search again using a different one- or two- word search or be forced to look through the many pages of non-targeted results hoping to find what the searcher is searching for. preFind believes this process is highly inefficient and counter-intuitive to how people process information.

To address this inefficiency in the current search products, preFind focuses on first providing the searcher a list of search queries all related to their original one- or two- word entry. preFind believes providing concise and accurate search queries is one of the most important aspects of any search process. preFind assists the searcher in finding the most qualified search query without having to think of it and believes if you want the right answer, you have to ask the right question. A post in a leading technology blog,, reflects this basic concern regarding the current search engines: They stated "Get something straight. Entering primitive words won't get you the results that you want in Google or any other search site, period."

An example of preFind's search query capability can be experienced by typing "cars" into preFind's search box or by clicking the "cars" trigger word. You are immediately presented with a list of refined search queries and not a disorganized list of meaningless search results and limitless and irrelevant related suggestions. Through our technology, preFind is able to present relevant search query themes and concepts to the searcher for selection. When preFind delivers a page of search results listing relevant Web sites, the searcher will only need to look at the top five results to get the desired answer. preFind believes using the right search query from the beginning of a search is a necessity, not an option.

"We take universal search, and turn it around and present the searcher highly relevant results. We understand the average searcher does not look past the first five results, so we don't just present a bunch of different Web sites which may contain a search word," expressed Dr. Arpaia.

preFind utilizes proprietary indexing and extraction methods to extract search queries and search concepts from existing Web content. preFind also utilizes Mind Orientation Devices (MODS) and Mind Expansion Devices (MEDS) which assist searchers in finding what they want even if they don't know exactly what they are looking for. Currently, preFind layers its technology over Google's search algorithm and index providing searchers the ability to steer Google in the direction they want to go. Due to preFind's proprietary technology, preFind knows exactly where each query comes from, so searchers can be pointed to the most relevant place every time.

Using preFind is quite a powerful demonstration of how guided search can make exploration of the Web efficient and useful. preFind will continue to refine and improve the search experience through the release of additional innovative search features including multi-lingual search platforms.

ABOUT - preFind Search Technologies comprises a dynamic team of seasoned engineers, search and direct navigation experts, semantics specialists and technological psychiatrists dedicated to revolutionizing the search engine tool. For more information, visit


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