In 2009, People are More Focused on Health and Virginia Businesses are Trying to Find Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality

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Improve a buildings indoor air quality with the AtmosAir technology. The AtmosAir Purification System shoots ionized oxygen particles into the air--restoring breathing comfort for allergy sufferers while removing odors and it gives sensitive people a pure breathing refuge and the option of minimizing the dependence of drugs.

In today's society we're more focus on health and the environment, which is why Virginia Commercial Businesses are trying to find ways to improve the indoor air quality. In order to provide cleaner air for our clients and employees to breathe, we must start by removing the allergens, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses, and pollen from the indoor air. A person spends the majority of their day inside a building and here is the perfect solution to handle this kind of problem, the AtmosAir Purification System. Just think cleaner air - means - healthier employees that, uses less sick time and can get more work done!

Einstein realized the advantage of polarized oxygen particles when his sister was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Back then, the recommended treatment was a change of address to a healthier climate. Einstein's sister recovered after a lengthy recuperation at a hospital in the Swiss Alps -- allowing time for the pure air to let the body heal itself.

Einstein theorized the mountain air was charged with positive and negative particles, which is what, actually creates the purity of the air.

Einstein collaborated with his friend and colleague, Conrad Habicht, to invent a device to replicate the air's natural conductivity.

Today this same technology is AtmosAir's purification system, which uses a technique called bipolar ionization. This is a fancy word for an efficient way to remove allergens, mold, dust, bacteria, virus, pollen, pet dander and…and oh yes -- odors from the indoor air of our homes and commercial businesses. The AtmosAir Purification System is available exclusively at James River Air in the Richmond, Virginia area.

The AtmosAir system shoots ionized oxygen particles into the air--restoring breathing comfort for allergy sufferers and it removes odors. These little ions actually bond with the airborne pollutants and drop them out of the breathing zone. It gives bipolar a whole new meaning and it delivers the desired effect for allergy sufferers and anyone concerned with the quality of indoor air. Ionization can be produced naturally by waterfalls, ocean surf, indoor or outdoor fountains, showers, lightning, and sunlight. But we want more control of our home and work environments.

Now is the perfect time for Virginia Commercial Businesses who want to help fight the allergy problems that many of their employees face, while improving the indoor air quality, and provide cleaner air to breathe. Wondering what can do all of this? An air purification system called AtmosAir. Einstein was on the right track with the concept and now it's a reality.

AtmosAir is effectively solving indoor air problems in homes and commercial applications like the Dallas Cowboys locker rooms and other sports facilities as well as hospitals and nursing homes. AtmosAir provides clean safe air in the Atlanta school districts and the Center for Disease Control.

Asthmatic children and their parents are both breathing easier because of the AtmosAir technology. It gives sensitive people a pure breathing refuge and the option of minimizing the dependence of drugs.

The employees at James River Air often complained about allergies and other breathing problems, so we installed an AtmosAir Purification System within our own facility and saw a dramatic difference due to the cleaner indoor air produced by this innovative technology. We have first hand experience with this new air purifier that has removed the air pollutants, which allows our employees to breathe easier and have less colds, allergy symptoms and upper respiratory problems.

If you have any questions, contact a James River Air Specialist at 804-441-9257 or email a specialist for more information about the AtmosAir Technology.


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