Creating One Million Jobs is Technology Startup Company Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation Goal

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Envizions Computer CSR program is focus on providing special benefits for Americans during tough times.

We are determined to provide a platform to help those in need

An aggressive undertaking in the form of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program by Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation set its mark at achieving the creation of one million new jobs. The CSR program, named "Envizions' America United Program," will work to open up opportunity for thousands of people over the next few years, while supporting the program's key goals of establishing social program centers on employment, addressing medical needs, hosting charity fundraiser events, and furthering education. The America United Program is an integral part of the Envizions' goal to give back to those less fortunate, and the company will be working with federal and state agencies to support the program.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Envizions has invested over $500,000 into the EVO business model with goals of expanding. The company's EVO Smart Console is a green system developed on the open-source platform.

Envizions will not take donations directly but will channel its efforts into developing strategic partnerships with charities for fundraiser events, charity EVO auctions, and job creation.

Envizions' job platform will present work in both part-time and full-time capacities. Future positions include distribution centers, resellers, system builders, sales personnel, programmers and independent contract workers. The jobs' scalability can include partners, vendors, suppliers and charities that hire new workers based on Envizions' productivity for new units or services. "This program is about more than creating jobs for Envizions - the goal is to extend job growth to our partners who are working with us directly," stated Terrence Johnson, director of operations at Envizions.

Johnson acknowledges that Envizions' management recognizes that current economic conditions has made it difficult for families to pay bills. "We are determined to provide a platform to help those in need," said Johnson.

Envizions will donate a percentage of its quarterly profits to the program. Profits from products such as EVO systems, Mirrors Evolution X software, service and accessories will go directly into a pool to hire new employees, fund EVO giveaways, fund short-term medical support for the unemployed, and support fundraiser events for charities.

Additional features of the Envizions CSR program will make VoIP, storage and games available. "As Americans, we are bound to help others in need - our business was founded with others' help - the help of family, co-workers and friends," stated CEO and Founder Derrick Samuels. "One million jobs is the goal we want to achieve. It's a big number but with support from everyone we touch - the media and the American people - anything is possible."

While being focused on making a difference, Envizions has developed a low-cost entertainment solution for its customers. EVO can help struggling families reduce daily living costs because it is equipped with applications which provide access to open source Internet TV, open source phone service, a low-cost DVR feature, low cost open source gaming, and a mid-range PC. The system offers low energy consumption.

"We wanted to make a difference with our product," said Samuels. "EVO goes beyond reducing monthly entertainment costs to represent a useful and practical convergence of devices. President Barack Obama outlined his agenda to get America back on track, and Envizions is adding its support by reducing our profits and taking on such a tough challenge. If we manage to help families in need, then the years of development work on the EVO project was well worth the effort!"

Envizions is seeking volunteers in all fifty states to help oversee the CSR program and to work closely with communities to support the program. The company's overall strategy is to set up blogs, stage events, and provide computer training for unemployed workers, as well as to make funds available for basic doctor office visits for those who are unemployed. Although the company has not established a firm achievement date for job creation, it has proposed to get things moving quickly. Envizions encourages unemployed workers to send resumes if they have skills that fit Envizions' job program needs. Anyone interested can register at (

Partnerships / Vendors
The goal is to work with other businesses to help spread the word about Envizions United America Program. Businesses can sponsor EVO consoles, and partner vendors are placed on Envizions special vendor list.

For more information about sponsorship, charity fundraisers, charity partnership and jobs, visit ( or email EnvizionsUnited(at)envizionsinc(dot)com.


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