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SteriLyfe™ LLC (http://www.sterilyfe.com) is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the STERISTATION™ line of mobile hand sanitizing/advertising kiosks. Now STERISTATION™ is available in a smaller size for areas where space is a premium.


Now more than ever is the time to use the 1st line of defense and the # 1 recommended tool against the spread of nosocomial infections and disease in all public places

STERISTATION Jr.™ has a smaller foot print, it can fit in areas where its larger cousin takes up too much space. Its height and base areas have been reduce by 40% and its one piece design equals easy set up. At 50" tall and 15' wide at the base, STERISTATION Jr.™ can fit anywhere.

The World Health Organization has declared the Swine Flu (H1N1) a Pandemic and a new strain has been identified. "Now more than ever is the time to use the 1st line of defense and the # 1 recommended tool against the spread of nosocomial infections and disease in all public places" said David J. Stob, President of SteriLyfe. The STERISTATION™ kiosks offers Free Hand Sanitization for the public and is an opportunity for business community to associate themselves with providing a crucial health service in these times of uncertainty.

According to Stob, "the STERISTATION™ line of kiosks will have plenty of advertising space for custom signage and graphics." It will be a revenue generating vehicle not only for hand sanitizer but also for opportunities to capitalize on the ad space, and other accessories such as coupon dispensers, brochure holders, business card dispensers, and menu boards. They are made of light weight recyclable eco-friendly plastic with architectural elements that incorporate a modern design, a built in touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, generous space for graphic/digital signage, and mobility. The deck mount touch free dispenser connects to a 5 liter hand sanitizing cartridge lasting over 5,000 activations.

The amount of strategic public places this unit can be located is endless. Stob indicates that "areas such as, restaurants, schools buffet lines, hospitals, airports, train stations, food courts, shopping malls, cruise ships, and sports arenas are just a few of the numerous areas STERISTATION™ can be placed for providing a hand hygiene tool with the added benefits of advertising and promotion."

Getting the attention of potential customers is the most important part of any advertising display/kiosk. By offering free hand sanitizer, you have a captive audience and research shows they will receive the message and act on it! Your content is dynamically presented on large graphic panels/LCD screen on the kiosk. A STERISTATION™ kiosk offers premium advertising space to communicate your focused message to your audience.

Stob also points out "In today's economy, finding new and innovative ways to advertise your message to gain the competitive edge is crucial in maintaining and growing market share." See how easy it is to capitalize on the many benefits of this new advertising medium.    

About SteriLyfe LLC:
SteriLyfe™ LLC is fast becoming a leading pioneer in the development and production of hand sanitizing/advertising kiosks. SteriLyfe™ LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of the STERISTATION™, STERISTATION Jr. ™, STERIVISION™, and STERIBIZ™ hand sanitizing/advertising kiosks. Stay Tuned for more exciting Future Developments.


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