Electronic Cigarettes Improves Productivity In The Workplace

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E-LITES Electronic Cigarettes Launches the latest electronic smoking technology at the Orlando Gift Show 25th of July and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show on 13th of September.

There has been much media coverage about the regulation of cigarettes; however an exciting new product has come to the market which will revolutionize the smoking habit of millions of peopleā€¦. E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes.

Now you will be able to enjoy your 'cigarette' without the fear of smoking carcinogens, tobacco or tar. This is what smokers have been waiting for, a product that will enable them to get the nicotine kick they crave without all the 'nasty stuff' they don't need.

E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes are made-up of a battery, a nicotine cartridge and a heating element that look and feel just like the real thing. The 'smoker' exhales vapor which resembles smoke but is in fact a completely harmless mist, produced by the 'atomizer' which heats the liquid inside the filter.

No more dirty ashtrays or harmful passive smoke

18th June, 2009
The psychological and physiological experience achieved by smoking E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes is second to none, and the tobacco flavor is the 'Most Authentic' currently available. One unique feature of the E-Lites E-Pro is that the pack actually recharges your battery on the move, meaning you never run out of power whilst away from home.

This wonderful invention is gradually sweeping the World, fuelled by all the hype about the health issues and expense of harmful tobacco products.

The E-Lites Brand, designed and created in the United Kingdom, now available in the USA utilizes the latest 2009 atomizing and battery technology available to compliment E-Lites clear market distinction as a premium product.

Apart from the healthier option, E-Lites are much cheaper than tobacco products. For instance once you have the kit, refill filters work out to be approximately 70% cheaper than tobacco products! Filters are available in Regular / Light & Menthol, as well as 'Zero Nicotine' for those wanting to quit nicotine entirely, but still find the habit of holding a cigarette too difficult to let go.

There is an entry level Electronic Cigarette for the budget conscious consumer coming soon, and a specialist 'Smoking Cessation' pack will also be available in time for Christmas 2009.

E-Lites are available with a green light to clearly differentiate them from tobacco cigarettes in a restaurant, bar, club etc and a red light for use in unrestricted locations.

Larger companies with many staff can benefit greatly by allowing the use of electronic cigarettes at work, as 'smoking' Electronic Cigarettes means no more leaving the office desk to 'have a quick puff'. Management are now allowing these 'cigarettes' to be 'smoked' right at their desk and have noticed that staff are able to concentrate and work better as a result of being able to satisfy the nicotine craving whilst they work, as well as working more hours and bringing equality of break-times back into the work place.

Electronic Cigarettes have been slowly gaining momentum throughout Europe and the Middle East over the past few years but it is only now that Electronic Cigarettes are being recognized as the truly healthier way to 'smoke' if you really need to.

For more information on E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes, and to watch a video demonstration go to http://www.E-Lites.org where you can purchase the E60 (rechargeable up to 100 times) the E-Pro2 Kit, and the 'Habana' Cigar (lasts 1800-2000 inhalations!).

William Wells, Director
Full Instructions on YouTube . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EgISS84rfo



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