A New Social Networking Website For All The Good Deeders In The World... Welcome To AGlobalGarden.com

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The future is now and to help raise the global awareness, A Global Garden proudly introduces http://www.AGlobalGarden.com, launched in June 2009!

Planting One Good Deed At A Time.

Where have all the people in the world who support Good Deeds gone? For anyone who encourages good deeds and finds happiness in random acts of kindness, this quick Press Release is a must read…

Welcome to A Global Garden.com! The first social networking website that was built to attract all the good deeders of the world to one place, for the betterment of the whole planet and all its inhabitants.

In today's instant culture, where rapid lifestyle rules and people become increasingly connected through technology (and often only through technology)… social networking is gaining more and more momentum as we move into the future.

Millions of people use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc., every day. These social networking websites are great tools for those who want to re-connect with friends and family, promote a business, amongst other things.

However, most social networking websites like those mentioned above are based on a connectivity that is not exactly focused on exchange of only positive thoughts and ideas.

These websites have yet to awaken a true sense of Global community that desires and achieves lasting positive Global changes. So it was destined. A website with the intentions of making good deeds fun and random acts of kindness contagious was born.

For those who are tuned in to what goes on within themselves and throughout the world, it is apparent that the times we live in are a momentous point in the history of mankind. There is a wonderful shift in consciousness that takes place All around the world every day.

So, in today's over-satiated-with-too-much-of-everything world, it was important to create a social networking website that inspires people to reconnect with their purest selves and the basics of life, to achieve positive global changes, and to inspire the youth of this great planet to get involved in making a difference. To provide a tool for all people who desire to make a positive impact, and a tool to help awaken those who are still waiting to get excited about good deeds.

On AGlobalGarden.com, people gather daily to get inspired by suggested good deeds and inspirational quotes, to connect and interact with each other (other "Good Deeders"), and to share their own good deeds and random acts of kindness with others.

While some of the good deeds planted may seem "trivial" at times, it is these little unnoticed things we do everyday for each other and our earth that make the biggest difference. A Global Garden is here to keep the good of others fresh in everyone's mind, to be a shining light of love for people to turn to whenever they need it.

The future is now and to help raise the global awareness; A Global Garden proudly introduces http://www.AGlobalGarden.com launched 5.31.2009!

  •     Daily good deeds; inspirational quotes; original pictures that compliment the theme
  •     Networking with other good deeders from around the world
  •     Featured "Good Deed" charities that members can vote for
  •     An online store of A Global Garden products
  •     50% of all sales from memberships and products get donated to the charity that wins the most votes
  •     A calendar of events; and so much more

A Global Garden is changing the world, "Planting One Good Deed At A Time." It is about more than just good deeds and random acts of kindness; it is about thinking big, vast, limitless, helpful, inspired, motivated, connected, productive, constructive, creative, and positive, and finding ways to apply it to your daily routines and interactions.

A Global Garden was more than just a dream of one person; it was born out of an urge and necessity to fulfill one's mission in life. The dream slowly became a reality, and now many more dreams blossom from its' growth and expansion and continue to graciously get planted into the garden.

It is time for a New social networking website to blossom, and to surpass Facebook's 200 million + members. Let us enjoy this power of connectivity to accomplish more good than anyone thought imaginable. Join http://www.AGlobalGarden.com today.


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