Witch School Offers Booklet 'Harry Potter vs. Real Witches'

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With the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiering this week, the questions about the similarities and differences between the world of Harry Potter and Real Witches arise. Witch School offers an answer that everyone can share, through their booklet, "Harry Potter vs. Real Witches".

As the summer movie season rolls on, one of the more controversial movies of the season premières this week in theaters across the country. The movie is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and the controversy is that many Christian leaders believe it promotes Witchcraft, Wicca and the occult to our children. In this case Witch School, the leading provider of a public Wiccan education, begs to differ. Witch School believes that while Harry Potter exemplifies many quality traits that modern Witches and Wiccans believe in, the story by J.K. Rowling is really a classic and timeless fairy tale. Any comparison of Hogwarts and its world with the contemporary Wiccan and magical community is simply comparing fantasy to reality; and the film, like all things Hollywood, is quite exaggerated compared to the real world of modern Witches. Witch School is helping to provide a better understanding of the differences by offering a free downloadable booklet called "Harry Potter vs. Real Witches" by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell.

While many believe Harry Potter helped Wicca and Paganism as a belief spread in the United States and Europe, the truth is that Wicca has been growing for over 50 years at an ever-increasing rate. According to Rev. Lewis "It is not movies or television shows that are allowing Wicca to spread, it is the simple message of the Sacredness of Life and the Living World we share in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. This is what has made Wicca one of the fastest growing religions in America today."

Witch School's Ed Hubbard offers this opinion, "For conservative Christians to blame Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling for Wicca's growth is unfair to Wiccans, and is simply making them a scapegoat. The growth of Wicca is far more complex than allegedly riding the coattails of a very successful children's story. Wicca is growing because it offers answers about living a loving life, where nature is honored and all life is considered holy, not just humans. This is the energy that has driven the growth of Wicca for more than fifty years so far, long before Ms. Rowling invented the wonderful world of Harry Potter."

To understand the differences, Witch School is offering the "Harry Potter vs. Real Witches" eBooklet. This is part of Witch School's overall mission to offer answers for those seeking a Wiccan education. To get your copy, just go to WitchSchool.com and download it today.


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