Beyond Bid Management: Marin Software Adds Advanced ROI-Based Campaign Management Features

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Newest version of Marin Search Marketer® application adds powerful new features to enable marketers to combine effective bidding with sophisticated campaign management to increase profits

News Facts:

  •     Marin Software, provider of the leading enterprise-class paid search management application for large advertisers and agencies, today announced the release of a new version of its flagship paid search management application, Marin Search Marketer®, which adds advanced campaign management features to help marketers drive maximum ROI from SEM programs.
  •     Campaign management is critical to the success of paid search marketing programs. Marketers continually structure ad groups and campaigns, adjust group and campaign settings and targeting, adjust negative keywords to shape or exclude traffic, build out incremental new keywords and creatives (ad text), and evaluate those creatives to weed out the losers. Yet, many paid search management applications focus solely on bid management - costing marketers untold losses in campaign effectiveness and overall ROI.
  •     Marin Search Marketer developed these new features to help search marketers move beyond bid management with advanced campaign management. The new features include Raw Term Expansion, Creative Auto-Tester, and Ad Group Optimizer and are available immediately to all Marin Software customers at no extra charge.


  •      "For many marketers, campaign management has traditionally been a second priority behind bidding. However, today's search market place is highly dynamic with growing competition, the ever-present need to drive additional traffic, as well as ongoing quality score and match type changes," said Chris Lien, chief executive officer of Marin Software. "To maximize overall search profits, one has to address all of these factors via effective campaign management, including down to the actual ad group structure. Our new release of Marin Search Marketer has key capabilities for powerful and easy-to-use ROI-based campaign management, enabling search marketers get more bang-for-the-buck from their SEM programs."

About The New Features:

  •     Raw Term Expansion -- Marin's new Raw Term Expansion feature presents a unified view of keyword suggestions from multiple sources: raw search queries (the actual term the searcher typed), third-party keyword research sources, and site crawling tools. This new feature automatically identifies the parts of the query you don't yet have, so marketers can at a glance identify opportunities for new keywords and/or negative keywords. Marin Search Marketer presents the most relevant keyword suggestions by filtering out existing negatives in the account, as well as suggests negative keywords based on keywords already in the account. The intuitive UI enables users to quickly review suggestions and add keywords and negatives with the click of a button. Further, for new keywords, Marin's URL Builder functionality automatically constructs keyword-level destination URLs based on existing structure.
  •     Creative Auto Tester for A/B Testing -- Unlike Google's creative optimizer that serves the creatives that generate maximum revenue for Google (and generate maximum costs to marketers), Marin Search Marketer's Creative Auto-Tester evaluates creatives based on their ability to generate profitable conversions for the marketer. The Creative Auto-Tester evaluates the entire path from impression to conversion, instead of just counting clicks. All creatives are automatically subject to evaluation all the time, no preparation is required to set up the test, and there is no fixed timing (although several methods are automatically employed to ensure statistical significance).
  •     Ad Group Optimizer -- Marin Search Marketer's Ad Group Optimizer feature greatly helps marketers increase quality score by improving the connection between keywords and creatives. Using Marin's new Optimize UI, users can split ad groups and creatives by topic with just one click. The decision to split ad groups can be based on analytics data, as well as Marin's new Relevance Score - a measure of the alignment of keywords and ad copy in each ad group. With Ad Group Optimizer, users can quickly isolate "star" keywords in their ad groups and further tune creatives to those keywords.
  •     Marin Search Marketer's new advanced campaign management functionality will help advertisers and agencies increase traffic and revenue from their SEM programs, while keeping costs under control. Marin Search Marketer, used by over 130 large advertisers and agencies, addresses the workflow, analysis, and optimization needs of marketers spending at least $100,000 a month on paid search marketing. The enterprise-class application allows marketers to keep their existing URLs and URL structure, manage thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords from one single, web-based interface, get access to powerful reporting and analytics, and optimize and apply bids every day automatically.


About Marin Software
Marin Software provides an enterprise-class paid search management application for advertisers and agencies. Marin Search Marketer®, designed for those spending at least $100,000 monthly on paid search, addresses the workflow, analysis, and optimization needs of large-scale advertisers and agencies, saving time and improving financial performance. Over 130 companies are running on Marin Software, including some of the world's largest interactive agencies and advertisers. Marin's clients manage over $500 million of annual paid search spend in the Marin Search Marketer application.


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