Report Finds Parents Don't Know What Kids Do Online -- SpectorSoft Products Will Bridge Gap, Protect Children

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Survey found that adults underestimate both the amount of time kids spend on Social Networking sites and the at-risk behaviors of online teens. SpectorSoft monitoring software can help parents be more informed of their teens online activities.

A report by Common Sense Media shows a major disconnect between what teens do on the web and what their parents THINK they do. SpectorSoft, the leading provider of PC and Internet Monitoring software for parents and businesses, noted that by using its solutions -- Spector Pro and eBlaster -- parents will know EXACTLY what teens and tweens do on home PCs as well as laptop computers often used away from home.

The survey found that adults underestimate both the amount of time kids spend on Social Networking sites and the at-risk behaviors of online teens. For example, the study found that 37 percent of teens admit to using social networks like Facebook and MySpace to tease and harass their peers, but only 18 percent of their parents believe that's the case. Another surprising finding is that 13 percent of teens say they have posted naked or semi-naked photos of themselves online, while only 2 percent of parents are aware of their kids engaging in such behavior.

Spector Pro records every detail of what a child does on a computer: their chats, instant messages, emails, the web sites they visit, what they search for, what they do on MySpace and Facebook, the pictures they post and look at, the keystrokes they type, the programs they run, and much more. Further, with the monitoring program's advanced screen snapshot feature, parents see not only what their child has done, but the exact order in which they have done it, step by step. To further inform adults and protect children, Keyword Alerts notify parents immediately if children post personal information such as their phone number or if they are being bullies online.

Common Sense Media, which questioned more than 1,000 teens between the ages of 13-18, and approximately the same number of parents, is one of the nation's leading nonpartisan organizations dedicated to improving the impact of media and entertainment on kids and families. According to the report, "Parents have a lot to learn when it comes to their children's behaviors online." The report found that 22% of teens check social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace more than 10 times a day, but only 4% of parents suspected that frequency.

Of the teens engaging in dangerous or illicit behaviors online, typically only half of their parents realize it's going on. The survey noted that 39 percent of teens have posted something they later regretted, but only 20 percent of parents thought their children did so and just under a quarter (24%) of kids say they've illegally signed into another person's account while only four percent of parents think their children do so. Another surprising finding is that 37% of teens say they started surfing the web without a parent's supervision before they were 10 years old but just 11% of parents say their children started this young.

The report offers some basic tips and suggestions for parents including checking browser histories and their kid's social networking profiles, making sure they set their privacy settings, and setting rules about what is appropriate. While SpectorSoft agrees with these precautions, the company notes that its award-winning software solutions have helped more than half a million home users automate the process of checking online activities such as who children are communicating with and enforcing Internet activity rules and guidelines.

SpectorSoft is the acknowledged industry leader in the PC and Internet Activity monitoring market space for parents concerned about the safety of their children online. SpectorSoft's best-selling and PC Magazine Editors' Choice award-winning Spector Pro is used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of parents to safeguard their loved ones.

Spector Pro's companion product, eBlaster, provides a remote monitoring feature making the Spector Pro and eBlaster combination a powerful one-two punch against individuals whose intent is to target children engaging is risky online activities … children who unwittingly leave themselves open to wrongdoing when emailing, chatting, and posting information about themselves, their family, and friends while on social networking sites and other online web sites. Both Spector Pro and eBlaster are available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

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