Moringa Super Herb: Next Big Green Product

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This is a introduction of Moringa Super Herb Supplement Product presented by ECO VITA that is one of the most nutritious and powerful blend of 100% Moringa leaves

With wages received from processing moringa for export to ECO VITA in the US, these women were able to purchase maize seeds and planting materials and also hired labor on their farms.

"Why doesn't everybody already know about this plant? - This is a common reaction that people have when they discover the astounding nutritional benefit of Moringa.

Moringa olifera is a natural herb that single-handedly provides over 90 different kinds of nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other beneficial compounds, according to the ancient medicinal practice in India, called Ayurveda. Ancient civilizations recognized and used the Moringa plant to provide nutrition and to use as natural remedies for numerous kinds of ailments. It has been used as part of traditional folk medicines in cultures from South America, Africa to Asia. More recently, several NGOs have begun promote the use of Moringa to fight against malnutrition.

For these reasons and more, ECO VITA started to explore the benefits of Moringa. In a gram-by-gram comparison, Moringa has been found to contain: Seven times more Vitamic C than oranges; four times more Vitamin A than carrots; four times more Vitamin B than pork;four times more Vitamin E than black sesame seeds; four times more Calcium than milk; two times more Protein than yogurt; three times more Potassium than bananas; twice as much Zinc than oysters; more than 30 times more Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) than sprouted brown rice; and more than 8 times more Polyphenol than red wine. All this from one plant!

From this and other research, ECO VITA is proud to introduce Moringa Super Herb. Moringa Super Herb is one of the few Moringa supplements with an extremely high nutritional composition made of 100% natural, sterilized Moringa oleifera herb, free of common allergens. Studies have shown that dried Moringa herbs are more easily absorbed by the body. This means that Moringa Super Herb is the most potent form of nutrition available today.

Those who have used Moringa have found Moringa to support: weight control and metabolism, digestion, healthy skin and hair, eye and bone health, the immune system and more. One customer notes: "The Moringa Super Herb capsules are really effective! My husband and I started taking it and right away we noticed that our digestion was so much better! (That was the most noticeable benefit.) With that I just had more energy to cope with a lot of different things -- although work was really stressful (for a lot of various reasons, including having to move) but I was able to manage it really well. It's so easy to take and I feel good being able to care for my body in such a simple way."

Further, the production of the Moringa Super Herb brings more than just health benefits to the consumer. ECO VITA is committed to sound environmental and social entrepreneurial practices. Currently, ECO VITA is partnering with the Shape Live Foundation in Ghana. Alexander Kedje, the Project Manager of the Shape Lives Foundation reports, "With wages received from processing moringa for export to ECO VITA in the US, these women were able to purchase maize seeds and planting materials and also hired labor on their farms."

These small, community based non-profits are working to build a sustainable economy and help provide for and sustain families in their community. ECO VITA is working to expand its networks through a business model that nurtures growth and productivity. ECO VITA is also a proud participant of the UN Global Compact and subscribe to working with groups that are committed to good business practices.

Recent environmental studies have begun to find that the Moringa plant is not only a nutritional powerhouse but it has been found to absorb astounding amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and there are preliminary studies that find that the Moringa seeds may be effective in reclaiming poor soils and in purifying water! These are just more reasons to further expand research into the possibilities that Moringa has to offer in bettering our health, our communities and the earth.

In short, ECO VITA is trailblazing a different approach to business.

In uncertain economic and environmental times, businesses need to lead the way to change. ECO VITA is making it easier by creating a model that promotes health, responsibility and sustainability.

If you're interested in learning more about Moringa Super Herb and Moringa Activity, go to or


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