MZI Global Showcases Latest Organic and Green Products From South Korea at Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show® - November 7-10, 2009

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MZI Global Marketing, a strategy consulting firm that specializes in market entry and globalization, is showcasing this year the latest, innovative products from South Korea, with focus on ORGANIC, ECO-friendly, and GREEN products. MZI Global market entry services are both INBOUND (helping South Korean products enter the U.S. market) and OUTBOUND (helping American companies expand and go global).

Toran Living is improving the quality of life on mother earth, developing new unique products for the hospitality, sport, leisure, and spa industry

MZI Global, a strategy consulting firm that specializes in market entry and globalization, is showcasing this year the latest, innovative products from South Korea, with focus on ORGANIC, ECO-friendly, and GREEN products. MZI Global market entry services are both INBOUND (helping South Korean products enter the U.S. market) and OUTBOUND (helping American companies expand and go global).

"We combined the best of both worlds - showcasing the leading hospitality suppliers from Asia and enabling American companies to get a competitive advantage abroad via our preparatory methodology, Ethnosynergism®, a market entry network system," says MZI Global President and CEO Mira Zivkovich.

MZI Global pro-actively implements its Ethnosynergism® market entry network to include all stakeholders, no matter where they are geographically located. This approach can lead to profits if everyone is on the same page regarding innovation, social responsibility, and concern for the effects on the external environment.

MZI Global's Key stakeholders include:

  • Buyers: lodging and resort industry, including resort purchasers; restaurant owners and operators; design firms, catering and specialty food service establishments; equipment dealerships; and casinos in the U.S. and worldwide
  • MZI Clients: leading global suppliers and manufacturers with 1000+ innovative GREEN products geared for hospitality industry including: food and beverage, furnishings, technology, equipment, linens, amenities, tableware, green cleaning, and more.

MZI Global has aligned with several Korean clients towards the philosophy of being green and environmentally friendly. Walden Organics, part of the Hessed Club Inc. is a category leader in organic bed and bath linens. Toran Living, also part of the Hessed Club, specializes in making products out of microfiber, including bathrobes, towels, and slippers. Hanyang Enterprise Co. Ltd. manufactures gloves made out of polyurethane and nitrile that are used for protection. J&P Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of products that showcase Computer-aided design (CAD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Printed Circuit Board (PCB), and Light-emitting diode (LED) technologies. Herb Family makes products that eliiminate bad scents and create good ones, including essential oils, reed diffusers, drawer sachets, and aroma candles.

Unique Products to Debut at the Show

1. Hessed Club, includes an umbrella of companies, including Walden Organics and Toran Living. The following is a brief overview of each company, the types of products each manufactures, and the products to be showcased at the upcoming show.

a. Walden Organics Hotel and Spa Collection
Walden Organics is certified under the Control Union World Group, which manages quality assurance from production to manufacturing to distribution. Walden is a reputable leader in the textile industry. Walden Organics passed a rigorous series of tests to obtain the certification and exceeded the highest standards of the Control Union World Group. The brand received the EKO Sustainable Textile certification using the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which ensures quality organic textiles for natural dyes and production of textile products. The entire collection of organic cotton textiles are naturally dyed using botanical extracts and fruits resulting in ranges of beige, blue, pink, and yellow in warm, blush undertones. Walden launched its extensive 2009 Organic Collection that features natural pastel, along with earthly colors and shades found in no other collection, including a vast selection of towels, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, and pillows at a full range of price points and styles.

Several beneficial features of the collection include:

  • Resistance to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria, even after numerous washings
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use - from bathrooms to pools and yachts
  • Child-friendly - most green lifestyle parents are anxious to keep their children safe from exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, and understandably so. Walden Organics' organic cotton fibers are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, which make them especially safe for babies.
  • Easy to care for - machine-washable and no wrinkles
  • Made from a sustainable resource - Walden Organics has exceeded the test requiring cotton to be pesticide-free for a minimum of three years, resulting in the highest quality of organic cotton
  • Luxurious, yet affordable    
  • Highly absorbent, very breathable, and ultra-soft

b. Toran Living's 2010 Ultra Fine, Hi-Tech Microfiber Hotel/Spa/Resort/Sports collection
Toran Living will showcase its 2010 Hotel/Spa collection, including towels (hotel, spa pool), hand towels, wash cloths, fashionable robes, bathmats, massaging slippers, pool and gym accessories, and more…uniquely designed with sensible, health features.

Toran Living uses only state-of-the-art functional fiber textile, addressing public hygiene concerns under the brand Ultra Fine Micro Fiber. Toran Living's expertise and scientific prowess has what it takes to become a leader in the Micro Fiber trends in Asia and worldwide. Durability, unmatched absorption capability, and softness are a result of fibers thinner than silk threads.

Toran Living's introduction of the Ultra Fine Micro Fiber sets new standards in comfort and human friendliness for microfibers. "Toran Living is improving the quality of life on mother earth, developing new unique products for the hospitality, sport, leisure, and spa industry," said President Seon Jung Kim.

Toran Living uses only state-of-the-art Ultra Microfiber for the 2010 collection:

  • Fashionable with innovative tranquil colors for the spa market
  • Cozy, ultra fine, light, and comfortable
  • Eco-friendly and affordable
  • Micro fiber textiles
  • Lasts 4 to 5 times longer than other fabrics
  • Requires much less energy to dry compared to all-cotton fabrics, leading to increased savings
  • Longevity translates to increased returns-on-investment and results in less waste
  • Excellent cleaning performance

2. Hanyang Enterprise featuring its SALUS gloves
SALUS is a high quality anti-microbial fiber and microbial fiber and the world's first nano silver technology.
SALUS Gloves:

  • Protect against: staphylococcus, pneumococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli, MRSA, and other bacteria.
  • Are approved by TUV for use in various industries, including food
  • Feel comfortable and offer flexibility and precision grip - there's no slipping

SALUS's unique technology makes nano silver powder gloves that are high-quality and resists abrasions and holes. SALUS keeps its shape and does not deteriorate even after multiple washings. They are so safe that there are no known allergies to them!

Nano silver SALUS protects your hands from food and other types of microbials (bacteria). SALUS gloves are food safe, and are breathable and cool for your hands. The coating is perfectly designed to leave the hand ventilated, avoiding perspiration and odor-causing germs. They are comfortable and eliminate the risk of irritation. They offer flexibility and precision when handling food products. The supple coating provides excellent resistance to abrasion and micro-cuts. Elasticized cuffs keep gloves fitting perfectly. SALUS' thin glove construction allows small objects to be handled easily and protects them from fingerprints. These gloves are also dust and lint- repellent.

Hanyang's process for manufacturing high-purity nano silver powder easily for their anti-microbial gloves affords them to produce a high-quality product without extensive, high-cost, environmentally compromising methods.

Nano silver is silver nitrate dissolved in water, then sprayed with of the solution per hour in a tube reactor, producing nano silver powder. Ag (Silver) is contained in polyester fiber. Nano silver particles are combined in the synthetic fiber in equal amounts, coating the surface of the polyester and then are extruded. This produces high quality anti-microbial fiber without special treatment.

3. Traffic Stopper "NEON" LED Illuminated Restaurant Board by J&P Co., Ltd
J&P Co. has improved upon all methods of advertising and promoting to business patrons with its environmentally friendly Bling Board! ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified for quality, J&P, Co. has created a product that will attractively and conveniently promote any message effectively. With bright colors and artistic lights, the Bling Board would be the perfect addition to any establishment.

  • Indoor/outdoor (waterproof) self-promoter/advertising "billboard" for restaurant, bar, night-club, or café
  • Innovative product design
  • Impressive display - can be seen in every shade of light    
  • Slim and portable - designed in 3 convenient sizes
  • Neon sign uses fluorescent materials
  • Traffic stopper - draw attention to upcoming events, promotions, and daily specials
  • Versatility- flexible for every venue opportunity
  • Sway patron's decision towards a particular menu item or drink to help boost sales
  • User-friendly - easy to write on or erase, showcasing your own style
  • Create fun designs with 6 colorful wet-erase markers and lint-free cleaning cloth
  • Board can be cleaned with glass detergent or water
  • Board can be placed strategically at key points within establishment
  • Easy to carry due to light and trim design
  • Excellent cleaning performance

4. Herb Land Aromatherapy Diffusers
Enhance your home or office environment with Herb Family diffuser fragrances, and give your space a refreshing and clean scent and sense of well-being without synthetic chemicals. Herb Family uses oil essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state, creating an atmosphere of healthful relaxation and invigoration. Herb Family fragrances:

  • Contain all natural and pure essential oils
  • Include no synthetic fragrances
  • Have no animal testing
  • Are safe for the environment

Herb Family oils are therapeutic grade essential oils. They are highly potent extracts that have been referred to by Ayurvedic medicine as "liquid sun energy." Their philosophy is to remove bad odors that are harmful to the body and surround customers with healthful scents to help them feel better. Their fragrances do not cover up odors - they eliminate them.

Herb Family began as an herb farm 15 years ago. It now supplies several products to spas here in the U.S. and other fine department stores around the world. Their products include:

  • Diffusers
  • Essential oils
  • Potpourri
  • Drawer sachets
  • Aroma burners
  • Aroma candles

Says CEO Yong Woo Lee, " I thank our clients who have given us support and love, and we will do our best to continuously develop and provide our clients' favorite scents to help them to live more active and energetic lives."

We welcome buyers, as the collection is ready in New York. The company's sample products are available upon request. For more information please contact Mira Zivkovich at MZI Global at 917.653.5034 or 212.366.5409.

About MZI Global
MZI Global is a strategy consulting and implementation firm that focuses on market entry and globalization via its Ethnosynergism® market entry methodology. Since 1987, MZI Global has successfully completed over 1000 projects. A market entry strategy rainmaker, MZI Global ventures into new domestic and/or international markets.
MZI Global's clients represent some of the leading ECO-friendly and GREEN Asian suppliers across various industries, including food and beverage, furnishings, technology, equipment, linens, amenities, tableware, cleaning, and more. With full support of the SBC Korean exporting agency and its trade association, South Korean companies are becoming trusted partners for U.S. buyers. Hundreds of new South Korean products can be sourced via the MZI Global network.

Under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, MZI Global puts its international, multicultural marketing expertise to use through strategy development and implementation.
MZI Global's Ethnosynergism® network of relationships includes local and foreign governments with 1000+ companies and across 10 + cultures and languages. It focuses on internal and social responsibility, as well as helping clients achieve market entry prowess on a global scale.

About Small Business Corporation of Korea (SBC)
Since its foundation as a non-profit government agency in 1979, SBC has been committed to fostering and promoting over 4000 small and medium sized Korean businesses: Hessed Club Inc. (Walden Organics and Toran Living), Hanyang Enterprise Co., Ltd, and J&P Co., Ltd. SBC understands that excellence comes in different sizes and offers assistance to Korean businesses in entering the U.S. market. With a regional headquarters office located in New Jersey, it provides a variety of support services such as training, marketing, and financial assistance in order to increase the global competitiveness of Korean businesses. For more information, please visit Small Business Corporation.


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Walden Organics 2010 Spa Collection BrochureWalden Organics 2010 Spa Collection include 100% organic cotton towels in various sizes, bathrobes, slippers, and organic handmade soaps. Made of 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed, and machine washable. www.hessedclub.comWalden Organics 2010 Collection Hotel BrochureWalden Organics 100% organic cotton towels, slippers, soaps, and washcloths for hotel industry. www.hessedclub.comWalden Organics Towel CloseupWalden Organics towels is approved using EKO Sustainability. Naturally dyed colors in indigo blue, catechu pink, and ocher yellow. Machine washable. www.hessedclub.comWalden Organics Bedding CollectionWalden Organics Bedding Collection for residential and hospitality. 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed, in woven knits, woven satin, and organic denim.®Walden Organics Toiletry SetWalden Organics Toiletry Gift Set includes organic cotton bath towel, organic cotton bow slippers, organic handmade Carendula soap and handmade Chlorella soap. Towels are machine washable. Ingredients in the soap include organic Carendula and Chlorella, lavender, jojoba oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic, glycerin, rosemary, coconut oil, and palm oil. Photo:®Toran Living - offering a variety of products made from Ultra Fine Micro FiberToran Living's Ultra Fine Micro Fiber products include towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bathrobes, and bathmats. Great for the hospitality, sporting, and spa industries. www.hessedclub.comToran Living's Towels - providing comfort and styleToran Living's Towels are offered in tranquil colors and provide comfort for anyone drying off. Great for the hospitality, sporting, and spa industries. www.hessedclub.comToran Living's Micro Fiber Hand Towels Toran Living's Micro Fiber Hand Towels are great for drying off. www.hessedclub.comToran Living's Micro Fiber BathmatsMade with micro fiber, Toran Living's bathmats make stepping out of the shower or in front of the mirror a pleasurable experience. www.hessedclub.comToran Living's Wash ClothsToran Living's Wash Cloths - durable and long-lasting and require less energy to dry. www.hessedclub.comHanyang Enterprise's Nano Silver SALUS GloveThe Salus Glove is a comfortable glove that protects hands from various germs, prevents odor from perspiration, resists abrasion, and eliminates the risk of irritation. www.salussafety.comHanyang Enterprise's SALUS Glove - durable and food-friendlyThe SALUS Glove is great for handling food, preventing bacteria and other germs from spreading around. A perfect asset for restaurants, caterers, and other food establishments. www.salussafety.comHanyang Enterprise's SALUS Glove - great protector from microbials and germsThe SALUS Glove protects hands from staphylococcus, pneumococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli, MRSA, and other bacteria. www.salussafety.comHanyang Enterprise's SALUS Glove - protector from cuts and abrasionsThe SALUS Glove contains polyurethane coating that provides good resistance to micro-cuts and abrasions. Good for handling CD's and other sharp-edged objects. www.salussafety.comHanyang Enterprise's Nano Sliver SALUS Glove The SALUS Glove is made from nano silver, making it durable, comfortable, flexible, and protective. www.salussafety.comJ&P's Bling Board - great for the front of a restaurantJ&P's Bling Board provides a cost and energy-efficient way of promoting specials at the front of a restaurant.J&P's Bling Board - great for grocery stores and supermarketsJ&P's Bling Board provides a great way to drawing attention to daily specials and promotions at grocery stores and supermarkets.J&P's Bling Board - allowing to show off one's styleJ&P's Bling Board is user friendly - easy to write on and erase - and allows one to be creative through use of various colors and fluorescent materials.J&P's Bling Board - multiple features and usesJ&P's Bling Board is waterproof, is made in 3 sizes, uses fluorescent materials, and can be used in a restaurant, bar, night club, or cafe. J&P's Bling Board - saying what you want to sayJ&P's Bling Board's includes 6 colorful, wet-erase markers and a lint-free cleaning cloth, enabling establishments to say what they need to say and erase in an easy manner. Herb Family's Reed DiffusersUse Herb Family's Reed Diffusers as part of your aromatheapy, giving you peace of mind and body. www.herbfamily.comHerb Family's Reed Diffusers - coming in a variety of scentsHerb Family's Reed Diffusers are offered in a variety of scents, including "Bell Vue," "Vedette,"Luven," and "Jardin vert." www.herbfamily.comHerb Family's Reed Diffusers - an asset in any part of the homeHerb Family's Reed Diffusers provide a pleasant aroma in any setting - bathroom, living room, or den. www.herbfamily.comHerb Family's Other Products Herb Family - offering other products that provide a positive environment, including potpourri, drawer sachets, essential oils, and aroma burners.