More Women Reducing Breast and Other Cancer Risks by Using Colopril to Detoxify

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As Breast Cancer Awareness Month is well underway, many doctors and leading experts are advising women around the world to purge their bodies of toxins in order to better prevent and ward off dangerous diseases like breast cancer. At the forefront of such recommend cleansing methods are total body detoxification supplements, like Colopril colon cleanse.

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and more women from around the world are better educating themselves on ways that they can more efficiently care for their bodies through detoxification, which can allow the body to be better able to defend itself and ward off illnesses like cancerous diseases. Not surprisingly, many experts are heralding natural colon cleanses, like Colopril, as part of a crucial series of detoxification methods that allows the body to best defend itself against deadly diseases like breast cancer.

In an October 10th, 2009 news article that was published in Big Island Weekly, a popular online news medium, entitled "Detoxifying for a clean bill of health," Nancy Gardner, PhD, offers her advice for women who are seeking to boost their body's immune system and render a better defense to ward off illnesses like breast cancer. Amongst the top six things on Gardner's list that allow women to best prepare their bodies to ward off diseases like breast cancer, from top to bottom, they are as follows: A Cleansing Diet, Colon Cleansing, Liver Cleansing, Lung Cleansing, Kidney Cleansing and Lymphatic Cleansing.

With regards to the positive effects and immediately realized benefits of a colon cleanse, the article offers some pretty solid advice for women who are seeking to thoroughly cleanse their bodies and internal organs using the most effective methods.

Not surprisingly, colon cleansing is listed as second on that list.

"Prevention, taking proactive measures to detoxify your body." teaches Dr. Gardner, "can reduce the incidence of all types of cancer, as well as heart disease and diabetes, improves the quality of your life, and even extends it." At her last lecture in Hawaii, she recommended COLON CLEANSING - as a regular habit to aid the colon. (Source:; 2009)

Colopril spokesperson, Tammy Willis, agrees that there are many great benefits to overall health and an increased immune system that consumers can realize from using Colopril to detoxify.

"Colopril has indeed been proven to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify the colon, kidneys, lungs and the heart," Willis says. "It has also been shown to greatly boost the effectiveness of the immune system and the digestive tract. This is more than likely why a doctor would recommend using a colon cleanse, such as Colopril, to help the body to better ward off diseases that can be fatal, like breast cancer or other cancers."

Colopril colon cleanse is an all-natural detoxification supplement. It is taken by capsule form, orally, once per day.

It works to thoroughly cleanse the body of all toxins by gently flushing them out through the colon.

Most people will experience noticeable results, like increased energy, restored spirit, natural weight-loss and more within the first few weeks of usage.

For more information on Colopril, please visit them online at:

About Colopril:
·    Breakthrough total body detoxification supplement created by Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
·    Pharmaceutical-grade product that works quickly to cleanse toxins and is gentle on the colon
·    The inexpensive, yet equally as effective, alternative to colon hydrotherapy, or costly visits to the gastroenterologist or day spa
·    Contains a proprietary blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients like Cascara Seed, a natural laxative; Psyllium seed, which aids in the function of waste-elimination in the intestines to allow for a gentle, entirely safe and all-natural colon cleansing
·    Thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the colon, kidneys, lungs and the heart
·    Maximizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals
·    Works to minimize chronic migraines and headaches
·    Minimizes the occurrences of irritability and fatigue
·    Eradicates harmful intestinal parasites
·    Relieves constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
·    Greatly reduces the risk of contracting colon cancer and other cancers by flushing out harmful toxins from the colon
·    Cleanses bodily toxins, contributing to clearer and smoother skin in a matter of a few weeks
·    Helps to eliminate unwanted weight and minimizes abnormal weight gain
·    Boosts the effectiveness of the immune system and the digestive tract
·    Heightens energy levels naturally
·    Has no known adverse side effects
·    100% safe, effective and all-natural
·    Available online at their secured website for a generous discount off retail pricing at:

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