Flexoplex Delivering Unprecedented Relief to Arthritis Sufferers

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Many experts are tagging the disease arthritis as the 'forgotten disease' with the current lack of attention to effective drugs for treatment, and the skyrocketing costs of treatment for sufferers. However, an all-natural supplement that has been PROVEN to effectively treat the symptoms, Flexoplex, is currently dominating the nonprescription marketplace as the most affordable, safest and most effective method of treatment for people around the world.

For certain, treating and curing arthritis may not be at the top of the pharmaceutical companies' to-do lists. However, Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company--is currently at the upper echelon of relief providers with their revolutionary and PROVEN, all-natural cure for arthritis, Flexoplex.

One of the most overlooked diseases of the modern era, according to a news publication that was published on the Lethbridgeherald.com in mid-November of 2009, in an article that was entitled, "Arthritis the forgotten disease," is indeed, arthritis. According to the article, which was based upon a number of surveys and studies, more than $4 billion dollars are lost per year with time that is taken off from work and government medical payments tendered for treatments for Canadian citizens alone--yet there still is no cure in site.

The most disconcerting portion of this publication, which took a good look at how many arthritis sufferers there were in parts of Canada - where the study took place - that were suffering from this disease and were, for the most part, going it alone, void of any effective treatment, is disturbing, to say the least.

The article specifically cites,

"Officially, it is called arthritis. Off the record, it is called debilitating, a robber, the pain master, and the list goes on. Despite one in 1,000 children contracting juvenile arthritis and more than 500,000 Canadians living with the most debilitating chronic disease in the nation every day, a disease that costs $4.4 billion a year in lost time from work and disability payments, few know much of it." (Source: http://www.lethbridgeherald.com/content/view/114639/110/; internet, 2009)

Flexoplex spokesperson, Jerry Coleman, does not find anything surprising about this current dilemma regarding the treatment of this disease, both in countries like Canada, and around the world, as the aforementioned citations purport, it has become a less addressed disease--yet one that affects countless sufferers around the world.

"Sadly, arthritis will affect millions of people's everyday lives in America and other countries this year," Coleman says. "Indeed, one might think that more companies would be working on a cure for this debilitating disease that detrimentally alters the quality of one's livelihood and the overall quality of life. But apparently, it has been vastly overlooked."

But Pharmaxa Labs--the creators of all-natural Flexoplex--disagree. It's their primary objective: To offer true, natural, safe, effective and PROVEN relief for arthritis sufferers, without the requirement of a doctor's prescription or a medical office visit.

"That was our mission statement when we researched and developed the proven ingredient complexes contained within all-natural Flexoplex," Coleman said. "To allow for millions of sufferers around the world with a true means at combating this terrible disease; a way to offer them a true and affordable method of treatment that they could acquire over-the-counter, and one that would allow for them to regain the quality of life that they once thought lost forever."

According to the numerous user testimonies from around the world that can be found at the company's product website (http://www.flexoplex.com), the rest of the arthritis-suffering world agrees--it does indeed work, and quite wonderfully!

Flexoplex is a scientifically-proven, all-natural and side effect-free supplement that was designed to help prevent and treat arthritis.

It is one of the only all-natural arthritis cures currently on the market.

Most people report noticeable signs of improvement within the first thirty to ninety days of daily usage.

Learn more about Flexoplex by visiting: http://www.Flexoplex.com

About Flexoplex:

  •     Developed Pharmaxa Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  •     Helps rebuild worn joints
  •     Lubricates stiff joints
  •     Increases range of motion
  •     Improves mobility and flexibility
  •     Soothes inflamed joints
  •     Decreases pain associated with arthritis
  •     Protects the production of naturally-occurring "pain killers" (endorphins and enkephalins)
  •     Maintains healthy bones and joints for aging individuals
  •     Improves blood supply and provides healing nutrients to surrounding tissues and cartilages
  •     Stimulates the synthesis of synovial fluid and the complete matrix of the cartilage
  •     Scientifically-proven
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Visit them online for generous discounts off retail pricing and to learn more at: http://www.Flexoplex.com


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