True Economic Stimulus: Provide Consumers Personalized Advertising “By Request” and Advertisers Access to Exact Consumers

Share Article and Reduces Ad Costs, Provides Exact Audience Interaction

For Consumers, a vast world of advertising income is opening up with the launch of the Boloto Group’s, a viral web-based membership that provides a share of the ad dollars. In addition, by tagging your friends to Join i5, each member shares virally in the ad dollars experienced by their contacts. For Advertisers, provides the missing link of advertising – exact audience access and interaction chosen by the advertiser.

Traditional advertising is a shot in the dark. Whether the medium is television, radio, print or the internet, consumers have been trained over the years to ignore ads. Boloto Group follows a simple industry fact: the only value to an advertiser is the audience. By allowing consumers to choose where and when to view ads and to provide an unmatched value to the advertisers, the consumer earns a share of the ad dollar. That’s Invite5.

The unmatched value for advertisers is a guaranteed 10-second exclusive face time minimum and the unbiased opinion of the ad presentation from one to five stars by their chosen audience. Invite5 membership recognizes and rewards the audience value and connects the advertisers to their exact consumers while immersed in the content the advertiser desires, anywhere on the web.

With Invite5, members are anonymous unlike other advertising platforms. There is no covert data extraction or recording where a member goes on the web. Nor is a personal ID ever shared. Each member has unique code and location on the web to identify their request for ads. This delivers more personalized ads from the advertisers. A simple demographic survey completed during registration provides the advertisers all they need to select their exact audience – the missing link of advertising.

Membership is free and viral. Sharing membership is as simple as playing tag. Create your own invite tag during registration and tell the world to Join i5 with your tag. Whether an organization or individual, everyone that enters your tag during registration is connected to you. That connection is a viral share of the ad dollars when they interact with ads. The viral distribution of the ad dollar continues through seven invite levels. Organizations can provide their audience a life-long value by sharing free Invite5 membership.

“Economic stimulus today is not providing a few hundred dollars to a household one time and hope they spend it at retail. True economic stimulus needs to provide consumers with funds month in and month out that they become comfortable with spending,” said Robert Donnelli, CEO of Boloto Group. “Free Invite5 membership provides just that. There has never been an equal opportunity to earn income. The Invite5 opportunity is unlimited and available for everyone 13 yrs and older worldwide. The Company has worked diligently for years to create a solution for advertisers and consumers. This solution could not have been more timely or more needed than today.”

For advertisers, the exchange provides the holy grail of advertising. True audience analysis with exact audience selection, exact content and location mapping, minimum 10 seconds exclusive interaction and unbiased opinion rating of your presentation – all for just 10 Cents. In addition, if the advertisement is entertaining, informative, etc. the audience can click a button and share the ad on over 140 of the largest community, social, blog and video sites. This exposure to millions does not cost one penny more. Viral advertising is free to the world.

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About the Boloto Group
Boloto Group Inc. is a privately held company that focuses on delivering realistic and affordable solutions to macro-economic needs. Economic Stimulus is the first of four solutions developed from a decade of extensive research and engineering. The remaining address Healthcare Reform, Education and Retirement, and New Commerce to be released in 2010. Boloto Group solutions assist industries and change lives of consumers worldwide.


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