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Life After the Affair – Survival Guide, by George Garrett, brings an easy, refreshing, and easy-to-follow approach to help successfully navigate life during and after the discovery of an affair. This simple approach promises both clear direction and practical tips that can save time, aggravation, and money in the process of recovery. This book is a critical piece and support tool system in the journey faced by those who are trying to survive an affair.

...a must read for anyone who has been in, will be in, or is presently in a relationship – marriage or not. Garrett opens our eyes to reality and helps us to cope with infidelity by guiding us into an even better underlying, mental, and emotional health.

Life After the Affair – Survival Guide brings a no-nonsense approach to facing and surviving an affair in a relationship.

Anyone going through the painful aftermath of infidelity, an affair, or cheating in a relationship needs to know that it's possible to end up much happier than before. Whether a relationship is saved after an affair or a new life begins after divorce, there is a way to find a new side of life. Life After the Affair – Survival Guide spells out a step-by-step, simple approach to navigate through the pain and everyday challenges, and to help regain balance in life, dignity, health, and happiness starting today. The book addresses some key questions - Is cheating (still) going on? Can it be stopped? Can a partner come back and reconcile? Are there essential tools to help feel healthy, energetic, and happy again? How can a new, happy life after divorce be reached?

Life After the Affair – Survival Guide was published by Blue Mar Media, LLC in June 8, 2009 has been recently reviewed by Susan Kunkel, LCSW, the Director and Clinician at the Highland Park Counseling Center, Highland Park, NJ, and former faculty member and Director of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder practice at the UMDNJ Medical School in New Jersey.

“…Life After the Affair – Survival Guide is a must read for anyone who has been in, will be in, or is presently in a relationship – marriage or not”. Said Kunkel. “George Garrett opens our eyes to reality and helps us to cope with infidelity by guiding us into an even better underlying mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The book provides all the ingredients and areas we all must invest in ourselves to live happy, fulfilling lives. Life is too short not to pay attention!”

There’s hardly anyone alive today that hasn’t been touched by the ripples of infidelity and affairs. Whether we’ve experienced an affair in our lives, or the life of a relative or friend, it’s almost unavoidable to not come in contact with infidelity or cheating, given that 50% of marriages today end up in divorce and at least 60% of second marriages end up the same way. While not all divorces are caused by an affair, many still are, and many more marriages that survive are plagued by affairs at some point in time, whether it comes to the surface or not. By any definition in the medical field, if divorce or infidelity were a disease, a 50% incidence would be considered a catastrophic epidemic. Sadly enough, cheating is such a pervasive phenomenon in our lives that we’ve become numb to it, and even reality TV openly features it throughout many different shows.

Life After the Affair – Survival Guide is a no-fluff guide full of just the essential tips and methods to help anyone survive an affair, save a marriage or, if necessary, face divorce properly and find happiness on the other side. And while, unfortunately, divorce many times can be a unilateral decision, George Garrett offers some simple and easy to follow tips in his book that can work even if only one partner follows it. The book is results-oriented and uses a no-nonsense approach and easy tone. It’s meant to show a path that can start to make changes in life and get results, one step at a time from where the reader is right now, and it addresses both men's as well as women's point of view.

“This book has been a rewarding and wonderful journey,” said Garrett. “Weaving three years of research combined with experience into the book’s succinct frame was a great challenge". People living with the pain of an affair in their lives right now can get lost and overwhelmed by the content available on so many relationship books. Life After the Affair – Survival Guide provides just the essential steps needed and synthesized into easy to follow tips, almost like following instructions in a manual. The reader is encouraged to take direct participation in the process of recovery after the affair, or risk potentially missing the opportunity to reach a state of happiness beyond what they might have known before - whether they stay in the current relationship or move on in a different direction.

The audio version of Life After the Affair – Survival Guide has also been published in North America in June 2009 by Blue Mar Media, LLC. and is offered at no charge upon purchase of the book. Both are available as downloads.

For more information about the book Life After the Affair – Survival Guide please visit our website.


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