Local Marketing Tips from Jivox: Turn Your TV Spots into Online Video Ads

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Video marketing expert offers practical tips on how businesses can easily transform TV commercials into interactive video ads to promote their products and services online

Many local businesses and brand advertisers have long produced TV commercials to help drive sales of their products and services, but with many TV watchers now going online to view videos, companies need to find ways to easily convert those TV commercials into highly interactive, measurable online video ads that drive traffic to their websites and increase sales.

Jivox (http://www.jivox.com), the leading provider of interactive video ad technology for online media companies and advertisers, recently announced a number of new video marketing tools that help marketers cost-effectively create videos to market their products and services – including an easy-to-use tool for transforming TV spots into online video ads. With Jivox, businesses can create compelling online marketing videos for free, then use them on their websites, in email and other marketing campaigns, as video ads placed on targeted ad networks, and on YouTube and many other video-sharing sites, and online business directories.

Marketers know that leveraging TV commercials for online distribution can be a powerful and effective way to reach new customers. In December 2009, there were137 million viewers of online video in the US, watching an average of 193 minutes of video each, according to Nielsen. Overall, there were some 10.7 billion total video streams in 2009. In other words, people are increasingly watching video on their computers and watching less cable and broadcast TV. Marketers that want to reach this massive global audience should focus on transferring their TV spots to the Web, transforming TV commercials into online video ads.

It’s fairly easy to adapt TV commercials into online marketing videos for use on a website, in video marketing or email campaigns, on video advertising networks, video sharing sites and other online marketing programs. Here are several strategies marketers should keep in mind when transforming TV commercials into online marketing videos:

  • Add calls to action. Unlike a TV commercial, where advertisers can only suggest that customers “call now” or “visit the store”, the online video format allows marketers to add immediate calls-to-action. When transferring a commercial to the online video format, marketers should make sure to include a clickable link to their company’s website, as well as their phone number and address. With the online video medium, marketers can also include a printable coupon or a discount code to the video, as well as add a link to their local online directory listing using a teaser such as “Check out our great reviews on Yelp!” Some online video services such as Jivox also provide advanced interactivity features, such as enabling viewers to email or text your video to a friend and click to email you directly.
  • Modify your commercial for the web audience. Online video editing services allow marketers to alter video content with the click of a mouse. A company may want to change the voice-over in its TV spot to speak to a wider audience. If a TV commercial is extremely targeted to a local audience, for example, it’s important to transform the message to a national one to drive purchases online or visits to physical locations. Marketers can record these voiceovers themselves or have a professional do it, then upload the audio file to a video creation platform to give a commercial a new message more in line with online advertising goals. It’s also a good idea to add new music or still images, and marketers can easily do all of this with a video creation service like Jivox. Lastly, don’t forget that online audiences are less patient than TV audiences – online video ads should be short, preferably 15-20 seconds.
  • Place the video online. Once a marketer has transformed their TV commercial into an online video, it’s time to put the online video to use. They should start by putting the video on their website. Companies can also place the video on a targeted video ad network, like the Jivox Publisher Network, to get maximum exposure for the ad on high-quality websites. A video ad will usually play within a banner or as a “pre-roll” ad before a video plays on a website. Marketers shouldn’t forget to place their video ads on YouTube and other free video-sharing sites, as well as on Facebook if their company has a page. Companies can also use the video in email marketing campaigns by embedding a link to the video in each outbound email.
  • Measure results. One of the best things about online advertising is how measurable it is. With a TV spot, marketers have little idea how many people have viewed the ad, and whether new customers have found the company because of it. With online video, every view, click, and follow-through to a website is measurable, so companies can see with certainty how many people viewed the video and took an action after seeing it. Review the results to see what parts of the online video marketing campaign worked the best, and which were less successful. Maybe the email campaign with embedded video links drove more sales than the YouTube posting, but the online video ad network placement drove the most sales overall. By finding out what worked and what didn’t, the next time around, marketers can create an even more impactful online marketing video, and carry these learnings into their next TV spot as well.

For more online marketing tips, visit the Jivox blog at http://www.jivox.com/blog.

About Jivox
Jivox is the leading provider of interactive video ad technology that enables businesses to reach new customers online. Many of the nation's largest media companies and advertisers are using the Jivox platform to create and distribute interactive video ads and manage their ad operations more effectively. Jivox offers advanced ad creation tools and targeted distribution through its network of over 1,000 media and content websites, as well as through directory listings, viral marketing programs, email campaigns, social networks and more. Jivox also provides sophisticated analytics that drive continuous campaign improvement, including a unique "video engagement score" that gives advertisers immediate insight into campaign performance. Jivox is a privately held company headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information about Jivox, please visit http://www.jivox.com.


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