LNG Opponents Overpower Another Liquefied Natural Gas Energy Project

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Tim Riley and Hayden Riley, producers of the documentary film, The Risks and Danger of LNG, are celebrating another victory over a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in California. The Riley’s and their film have been repeatedly successful at mobilizing opposition to LNG proposals throughout North America and Europe.

LNG documentary film producers, Tim Riley and Hayden Riley, celebrated another victory after NorthernStar’s Clearwater Port offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) application was officially terminated by the California State Lands Commission on March 4, 2010. The application had been suspended since October 2007 following extensive public comments submitted by the Riley's and mobilized citizens and groups.

The Riley's have been mobilizing community opposition against LNG since their crusade began in 2003. This is their third victory over a California offshore LNG proposal.

“Hayden and I are pleased that our film continues to mobilize citizens, groups and elected officials in the successful opposition to LNG proposals,” said producer Tim Riley.

“It is heartening to see people coming together to protect their community and planet. This recent victory is particularly sweet, because this project was closest to our home, and it was the very project that spurred our anti-LNG crusade in the first place,” said co-producer Hayden Riley.

The Riley's were also instrumental in sinking the BHP Billiton LNG proposal offshore Malibu.

In September 2005, Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald, reported, "With billions of export dollars at stake, Macfarlane, Woodside and BHP have suddenly discovered the dangers of underestimating the power of California's environmental lobby." Highlighting the Riley's role, they reported, "Tim Riley, a lawyer who lives by the beach in Oxnard Shores and works in Malibu, has helped lead a movement in actively opposing the project in his spare time. While some citizens have organised rallies, Riley has used his multimedia talents to spur opposition. With his wife, Hayden, Riley made an anti-LNG film and set up a website, http://LngDanger.com to warn others against the perceived hazards of LNG."

'We felt we had to make the film and create a website to offset the energy industry's relentless safety-spin. Our film exposes their safety myths by vividly demonstrating the actual risks and danger of LNG,” said producer Tim Riley

Their documentary film, The Risks and Danger of LNG, was an Official Selection of The Malibu Film Festival, and received high praises from FOX TV military and terrorism analyst Colonel David Gavigan, “This has to be an award winner. When I watched the film it gave me more insight into the dangers that communities face by the greed of large companies to site dangerous materials in populated areas. I feel that your work should set an example for others who wish to protect the public.”

The Riley's were also instrumental in sinking another offshore California LNG proposal by Woodside.

In 2007, the Riley’s and their film were featured in an NBC News Special LNG Report. That report focused on the Woodside offshore LNG proposal that would have impacted LAX, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu. After the powerful report aired, Woodside withdrew its proposal giving rise to more celebration.

“We are grateful whenever our film helps derail another LNG proposal,” said Tim Riley.

“It is time to abandon our reliance on dirty fossil fuel; and it is time to create jobs that develop safe, clean, affordable and renewable energy,” added Hayden Riley

The Riley’s anti-LNG crusade has not been confined to just California.

In 2005, The Bahamas regulatory agencies approved an LNG facility to be built on Ocean Cay. The week before the Prime Minister was scheduled to sign final approval, officials of the neighboring island, Cat Cay, urged the Bahamian government to meet with the Riley's and watch their film. The Prime Minister agreed, and sent two of his top officials, the Ambassador to the Environment and Minister of Industry, to meet with the Riley's on Cat Cay. The legendary screening and meeting was media frenzy, and LNG became a political cauldron too hot to handle. As a result, the Prime Minister withheld his signature of approval.

“This was one of our most gratifying efforts in our anti-LNG campaign. It was an honor to help the Bahamian people and the residents of Cat Cay preserve their Caribbean paradise,” said Tim Riley.

“After each victory, the local media spotlight eventually fades, so it is no surprise whenever LNG proponents emerge from the shadows to spark another project. We stay in touch with our Bahamian collaborator, Sam Duncombe of ReEarth, who keeps a vigilant lookout,” said Hayden. “Sam is a wonderful and effective environmentalist, and the Bahamian people are lucky to have her,” added Tim.

In 2006, after viewing the Riley's film, a member of Parliament in the UK stated for the record during the debate over the siting of a Liquefied Natural Gas facility in the UK, “For the sceptical, there is ample evidence of major LNG fire incidents - for instance… An American documentary film, 'The Risks and Dangers of LNG' by Tim Riley, covers many aspects of the dangers of LNG, including the history of accidents, the environmental impact, spills and vapour clouds, and the terrorist implications in relation to LNG tanks, tankers and pipelines.”

“We are humbled that our documentary has helped national leaders and lawmakers intelligently consider all the impacts of LNG proposals. Our goal has always been to inform the public about the risks and adverse impacts of LNG, which are routinely downplayed by the energy industry,” said Tim Riley.

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