Witch School to Open 'The World of Witches Museum' in Witch City, Salem, Massachusetts

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There is a whole world of Witches beyond the Salem Witch Trials and a new community-driven museum will be sharing the magic with visitors to Salem, The Witch City. This museum will be more than simply stories about Witches; it will bring you in contact with practicing members of the Witchcraft community.

21st Century Americans have a hunger for history, especially the untold stories of mysterious people and taboo places. Salem, Massachusetts, aka The Witch City, is just such a place and has enthralled us with stories of the Salem Witch Trials and supernatural happenings for over 400 years. Now a new museum, The World of Witches, will reveal the stories and history of real Witches to seekers worldwide.

Witch School, which recently moved from Central Illinois to Salem, saw a need for telling the story of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca from a modern point of view. This meant going beyond the Salem Witch Trials, to actively telling the stories of the magical folk, from the earliest days of humanity up to the modern Pagan movement that now has millions of members worldwide. Witch School, the largest online global educator of Wiccans and Witches, strongly believes that a museum offers the best way to increase awareness and act as an anchor for compiling and understanding the history of Witches and Witchcraft.

Rev. Don Lewis, Curator of the museum and Head of Witch School in Salem explains, "There is a need in our community to share our history as well as our future with the public. Museums are more than just a collection of old items and exhibits; they are living places that share a cultural heritage. In the case of Witches and Wiccans, there is a real need to understand our community. It is time to let people know who we are, what we do, what we love, and the struggles we face on a daily basis. If we can help even a few people get a better impression of modern Witches and Wiccans, then we will have accomplished something important."

Witch School is not alone in this, and The World of Witches Museum has become a community-driven project. Local businesses including Bewitched in Salem, Samantha's Costumes, and the Nightmare Factory have donated materials for the exhibits. On a national level, Pagan groups including Circle Sanctuary, Holy City Temple, The Correllian Nativist Tradition, and radio host Larry 'Zaracon' Sodders of the Zaracon Show have provided assistance and exhibits to help tell the story of the modern Witch movement in America. Pledges and promises of more materials for the museum are coming from not just the United States, but from Europe, Africa, Australia, and India as well. This has become a global effort to tell the story of the modern Witch movement worldwide. For many in the community, this is a unique moment to raise the bar, and have the story of Witches told from a Witches point of view.

The museum has even gained international assistance from the award-winning and popular Australian band Spiral Dance, who will be playing a benefit for the World of Witches Museum on May 6th at the Salem Cinema, and May 7th at a location to be announced in Salem, Mass. Many others from across the country and across the world have said they plan to travel to Salem to support this community-driven museum.

The World of Witches will not only be physical, but also virtual. The Witch School online community is deeply social, providing education and community connections, and has helped create a bridge between the Internet and this museum. The museum has a Facebook Page, an online Think Tank group, and numerous other ways to share information. Witch School is even using their social media connections to raise additional funds by using a cutting-edge website called KickStarter, that helps finance community art projects through crowd sourcing and social contacts.

During the month of April, The World of Witches Museum will be offering previews by donation. According to museum curator, Rev. Don Lewis "As we are developing the museum, we want people to share in it. We will be giving previews to the community and visitors while we build, and if they like what they see, they can donate to help us build it. This isn't my museum, it belongs to the community, and I am very lucky to be able to present this to the public."

You can visit the World of Witches Museum at 57 Wharf Street, Salem, Massachusetts, open daily.

The World of Witches Museum Fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/WorldofWitches
Find out more about Witch School at http://www.WitchSchool.com
See WoWM Kickstarter Page at http://kck.st/aoyXq8


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