Baltimore Eye Surgeon Dr. Anthony Kameen Joins Select Group of LASIK & Cataract Surgery Doctors at Trusted LASIK Surgeons

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Trusted LASIK Surgeons launched its revolutionary Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory service and website at in order to provide a resource for consumers seeking to improve their vision and find a highly qualified eye surgeon who can help improve their chances of attaining 20-20 vision. What sets the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory apart is a unique screening process ensuring that only those who are among the best in LASIK eye surgery and laser eye surgery in the United States are listed. Refractive eye surgeons, such as Dr. Anthony Kameen, are screened based on their experience, research, publications, lectures, patient care standards and other professionally recognized qualifications. Trusted LASIK Surgeons believes Dr. Kameen's research, teaching, surgical skills, and other professional accomplishments place him among the top LASIK surgeons in the United States. His practice at Kameen Eye Associates serves patients seeking LASIK in Washington DC, Baltimore, Bethesda, Annapolis, Frederick, Towson, and surrounding areas in Maryland as well as Arlington and Falls Church in Virginia. Like nearly all LASIK surgeons featured in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, Dr. Kameen is also a professionally recognized expert in cataract surgery.

Baltimore LASIK and Cataract Expert Surgeon Dr. Anthony Kameen

Showing a dedication to help those in need, Dr. Anthony Kameen has volunteered at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, Maryland for over 10 years. Here, Dr. Kameen is helping serve food to the homeless. Dr. Kameen helped found a free eye clinic which serves hundreds of the most underprivileged.

We are extremely pleased to add a surgeon of Dr. Kameen's expertise to our directory of LASIK, refractive, and cataract surgeons at Trusted LASIK Surgeons.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons announced today that LASIK and Cataract Surgery expert Dr. Anthony Kameen, Baltmore has joined the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, an informational resource for consumers seeking vision correction procedures like LASIK or cataract surgery and a highly qualified refractive surgeon to perform their surgery.

Dr. Kameen offers patients seeking LASIK Surgery and refractive eye surgery patients in the Baltimore area, including Bethesda, Annapolis, Frederick, and Towson. He regularly performs laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and other vision correction procedures on patients from all over Maryland Washington D.C. as well as Arlington and Falls Church in Virginia.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory service screens all laser eye surgeons who apply to ensure that only those LASIK surgeons who are among the best in the United States will be listed. Each eye surgeon is screened based on experience, premier patient care, and professional credentials. In our opinion, Dr. Kameen's exceptional credentials place him among the top 5% of expert LASIK eye surgery and refractive surgeons in the United States. Dr. Kameen, like most of the vision correction surgery specialists profiled in our Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, is also an accomplished cataract surgeon with proven expertise.

The most significant professional qualifications that set Dr. Kameen apart from nearly all other LASIK surgeons are his professional experience, including his teaching, research, and practical surgical experience. Dr. Kameen has been trusted and certified by manufacturers to train other surgeons in the use of lasers used in LASIK and other forms of laser eye surgery. For example, Dr. Kameen has trained over 1,000 other LASIK surgeons in the use of the VISX Excimer and IntraLase lasers. Dr. Kameen was the first laser eye surgeon in Baltimore to perform LASIK and later the first surgeon to perform IntraLase and has over 15 years of experience in laser vision surgery, including LASIK, and 25 years of experience in cataract and refractive surgery procedures including lens implants. Having performed over 70,000 LASIK and other laser vision procedures, more than 10,000 lens implant (IOL) procedures and over 10,000 cataract surgery procedures, Dr. Kameen has proven expertise.

Both Baltimore Magazine and Washingtonian Magazines have named him among the "Best in Ophthalmology" and he has also been honored as a Top Refractive Surgeon by the LVCI for ten straight years. Dr. Kameen has earned the respect of his fellow LASIK and refractive surgeons with over 15 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, 50 videos and podcasts on ophthalmology, and over 100 lectures and presentations on research topics at major meetings of eye doctors.

Dr. Kameen performs laser eye surgery, including LASIK, as well as other refractive surgery procedures on patients with nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism (blurred vision), and presbyopia.

Kameen Eye Associates offers premier patient care, including the IntraLase laser system for "All-Laser" or "Bladeless" LASIK, and Wavefront Based or "Custom" LASIK and PRK In addition, Dr. Kameen offers SBK Advanced LASIK and advanced ocular analysis and Executive Eye Exams. Dr. Kameen offers not just LASIK and PRK (laser eye surgery procedures), but other procedures like Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE) and Clear Lens Extraction(CLE) (lens implants), conductive keratoplasty, phakic implants, limbal relaxing incisions, and cataract lens implants procedures to give patients a full range of options when it comes to choosing the best vision correction procedure for them. Kameen Eye Associates offers cataract surgery patients phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation, "no-stitch" and "no patch" cataract surgery as well as 10 minute outpatient cataract surgery.

New patients who have had significant problems with LASIK eye surgery or other vision correction procedure performed by another surgeon have come to Dr. Kameen to successfully manage and treat their complications. Dr. Kameen has also been trusted by other eye surgeons, optometrists, opticians, employees of companies that specialize in refractive surgery instrumentation or their family members to perform their LASIK or other refractive surgery procedure or cataract surgery.

Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, this highly qualified surgeon is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the International Society of Refractive Surgery, and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Locally, Dr. Kameen is a member of the Maryland Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons and the Medical and Chirurgical Society of Maryland.

Dr. Kameen's commitment to helping others see better extends beyond his private practice and into his long-standing and extensive service through charitable activities. He is the Medical Director and Board Member of the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, where he founded an eye clinic on site and has been treating the homeless for over 10 years. In addition, this dedicated eye surgeon has worked with the Maryland Society for Sight and has volunteered on numerous missions to third world countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

"All of the experts featured at Trusted LASIK Surgeons have unique qualifications that set them apart from other LASIK Surgeons. Dr. Anthony Kameen exceeds our standards with his numerous published articles, presentations to fellow eye doctors, his early adoption of 'All Laser' LASIK using the IntraLase laser, and his extensive surgical experience in not only laser eye surgery, but lens implants and cataract surgery. His training of over 1,000 eye surgeons in the use of lasers used in LASIK and other refractive surgery clearly demonstrate his exceptional qualifications" said James J. Salz, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Trusted LASIK Surgeons. "We are extremely pleased to add a surgeon of Dr. Kameen's expertise to our directory of LASIK, refractive, and cataract surgeons at Trusted LASIK Surgeons."

"It is a distinct honor to be included among this group of what I consider to be the most accomplished eye surgeons in the world," added Anthony Kameen, M.D., (President) of Kameen Eye Associates.

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About Kameen Eye Associates

Kameen Eye Associates is Baltimore's premier LASIK and cataract practice, specializing in laser vision correction, premium cataract surgery and other refractive procedures that can dramatically improve your vision.

Through the power of laser vision correction, Kameen Eye Associates is now able to treat virtually any visual problem. Kameen Eye Associates offers our patients only the safest and most technologically advanced LASIK treatments, as well as one of the most highly trained and experienced surgical and clinical teams in the country. Patients seeking refractive surgery will be personally treated by Dr. Anthony Kameen, who has been practicing Ophthalmology for over 25 years and has been performing LASIK since its inception. Dr. Kameen performed the first LASIK, the first IntraLase® and the first NearVision CK procedures in Baltimore, and has won numerous awards for his expertise. Patients considering laser vision correction, can schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation at which time Kameen Eye Associates can help determine whether LASIK or another refractive surgery procedure is the best treatment and address any questions or concerns. Patients with cataracts are also encouraged to call for a thorough evaluation and discussion of surgical options. Kameen Eye Associates is dedicated to helping our patients make educated decisions about their vision. Our patients take comfort in knowing that our experienced staff is here to help guide them through the process, so they feel confident that they have made the decision that is best for them. For more information about Kameen Eye Associates, please visit:

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