Widespread Toxic Ash From Icelandic Volcano Threatens Groundwater, Crops and Livestock for Millions; DynGlobal Offers Water Filtration that Removes Deadly Fluoride

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DynGlobal LLC, a leading manufacturer of scalable water filtration solutions that remove deadly heavy metals and minerals such as arsenic, lead, and fluoride from water to non-detectable levels, alerts the families and communities in countries affected by the Icelandic volcano eruptions it can aid in the cleanup of water sources contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of fluoride found in the ash.

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DynGlobal's Solar-Powered DG 24/7 Unit, Operating at a Hospital Compound in Milot, Haiti

Our goal is to provide clean, safe drinking water to everyone who needs it.

DynGlobal LLC, a worldwide leader in water purification and renewable energy solutions, issues a direct statement to foreign governments, communities, farmers, and individual families across Iceland, Scotland, the UK and Europe affected by the recent Icelandic volcano eruptions and widespread toxic ash spread: We can help.

DynGlobal is no stranger to large scale disaster relief and clean up efforts. The company is currently providing clean water to thousands of people daily in areas of devastated Haiti using its patent-pending DG 24/7 units. Powered completely by the energy of the sun, the DG 24/7 units remove deadly heavy metals like arsenic and lead, minerals and other harmful chemical compounds like fluoride, and provide up to 60,000 liters per unit per day of bacteria, cyst, virus, and pathogen-free potable water using a proprietary filtration system.

“Our line of water filtration products are specifically designed for extreme situations such as this,” says A. Vernon Wright, CEO and founder of DynGlobal. “Millions of tons of volcanic dust and ash have been thrown into the atmosphere by the recent volcano eruption in Iceland. High levels of fluoride in the ash contaminates the water sources and represents a serious health risk to both livestock and humans, not to mention threatens the entire ecosystem and crops for three years or more.”

And the health risks are significant. At higher levels, fluoride is classified as toxic through both inhalation and ingestion by the EPA. Experts estimate that the ash from the recent eruption in Iceland has an approximate mean value of 104 milligrams of fluoride per kilogram of ash. Just 40 ppm of sodium fluoride (NaF) in the diet is enough to cause fluorosis in cattle. This corresponds to a daily intake of 1.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. For sheep, fluoride poisoning starts at less than 1 mg per kilogram of ash ingested.

Sodium fluoride is also absorbed by plants, producing residues of fluoride that gets ingested by livestock, and crops meant for human consumption. Just one millimeter of volcanic ash on the ground is enough to pose a significant threat to livestock and plant life; the April 14 blast triggered major flooding that inundated hundreds of acres of fields and coated the area with ash up to four inches thick in some areas.

In humans, fluoride poisoning can occur at 3-5 mg per kilogram ingested, and less for children. Common symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysphagia, hypersalivation, nausea, and vomiting. Electrolyte abnormalities, headaches, muscle weakness, hyperactive reflexes, muscle spasms, paresthesia seizures, and tremors may also occur. Multiple organ failure, severe arrhythmias, and cardiac arrest is typical in severe cases.

DynGlobal’s line of water filtration products produce from 20 gallons per day (75.6 liters) using a small handheld unit for rural household use to over 100,000 gallons (378,000 liters) per day of clean potable water, utilize the latest nano-fiber ultrafiltration technology, including proprietary media that removes heavy metals, minerals, and dangerous chemicals to well below EPA standard levels (currently for fluoride at 4 mg per L of water in the U.S.) DynGlobal’s products are operated using grid power or completely by solar generator for remote areas where power is unavailable or has been compromised.

“DynGlobal’s clean water technology is unique in today’s market. Our ability to help those in need - whether an individual farmer, small community, or entire municipality affected – and regardless of locale or the quality of the water, is also unique. Basically, our goal is to provide clean, safe drinking water to everyone who needs it.”

To illustrate his point, DynGlobal is offering a 30% discount off list price on their entire line of water filtration solutions to any family or community whose water supply has been contaminated by the Icelandic volcanic ash or that may present a future threat to its residents, animal and plant life. To learn more about DynGlobal’s water and renewable energies products, visit http://www.dynglobal.com or call +1 (888) 235-7755.

ABOUT DYNGLOBAL LLC – DynGlobal is a worldwide leader in water purification and renewable energy solutions for the United States and countries around the globe. Its scalable water filtration systems provide the most purified water on the market today, removing heavy metals like arsenic, fluoride and lead as well as bacteria, cysts, viruses, and pathogens. The company works closely with the U.S. Military and governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sector on clean water solutions and aiding in disaster relief efforts around the globe. For more information about the company, its solutions and relief efforts, visit http://www.dynglobal.com.

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