First Puerto Rican Artisan Perfumes Store on Internet

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Recently, the first Puerto Rican Artisan Perfumery Store available on Internet,, was launched at the Puerto Rico Lawyer's College. Scentonality is a combination of the words scent, or aroma, and personality. It is an exclusive business available only on the Internet at, and it's addressed to the young professional adults who want to be different and distinguish themselves from all others.

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"My business began after my mother's death, in the middle of my post-graduate studies in Psychology. I decided to keep her perfumes an lotions as a way of remembering her while coping with her death. Of all things belonging to her, her fragrances reminded me of her the most. This experience made me realize that although other women in the world could use the same perfume, my mother's scent was unique, distinctive," explained Mrs. Arroyo.

Among the products available at are the Body Mist and Perfume, both for men and women. Besides, for the first time a Body Mist for men is available, that can be created by selecting among unlimited fragrances, as preferred. Also available is an odorless Body Mist, ideal for summertime as it can be used to complement the sunscreen to diminish the sun's effect on the skin. This Body Mist contains Vitamin E and Sodium PCA; two ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize your skin, as well as your face, ideal for using during summer. The line also offers wedding and quinceaneras favors as well as corporate gifts, among other special occasions.

Fragrances may be selected two ways: you may choose the one you like the best, or by taking a simple quiz which will detect your personality preference and therefore, the fragrance that suits you best. You may be Extraverted, Introverted, or Extraverted-Introverted, a fusion of both personalities.

The description of these personalities are based upon the investigation of Myers-Briggs, a mother and daughter both psychologists, who have dedicated almost 20 years to develop 16 types of personalities. Their work is based on Carl Jung's, a former student of Sigmund Freud and renowned Psychologist himself, Theory of Personality. works with the two possible personality preferences present in all 16 types: Extraversion and Introversion.

"As I was conducting my own experiments with different fragrances, I noticed that although we have a tendency to lean towards one personality preference than the other, this can not be applied in a final and categorical way to perfumery, because many individuals live in balance between being Introverted and Extraverted," explained Mrs. Arroyo.

This means that, although most people behave in a certain way, they may change their personality preference depending upon their surrounding circumstances. For instance, a person can be Introverted while working alone, and changes to Extraverted when active or in a meeting. Later on, when at home, becomes introverted again, in order to relax and let go of a stressful day. For this reason, Mrs. Ivelisse Arroyo created the fusion, Extraverted-Introverted to classify certain artisan fragrances.

Perfumes are water and alcohol based, and body mists are water based, not alcohol, as is usually the case in the fragrance industry. These fragrance oils are not intense; they are well balanced, long lasting and nice smelling aromas. Mrs. Ivelisse Arroyo points out that she acts as an artisan perfumer because, "in the end, it is the customer who chooses his favorite combination." uses the most carefully developed and pure essence oils, to diminish any possible allergies. The oils used by this artisan perfumer have a low concentration of natural essences, which allow direct application to the skin, contrary to 100% natural essential oils. is an eco-friendly and in harmony with Nature company. Companies that use all natural oils attempt against millions of flowers, spices and wood in order to make their products, and sometimes they could contain harmful pesticides as well. Samples of fragrances may be obtained for $1.00. Al orders are 100% secure through and PayPal service.


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