First Ever Social Media Peoples Court To 'Indict' Politicians, Put Them On 'Trial' At Through Popular Vote of 'We The People'

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At, NoPoli Network News (NNN) allows members of the public to vote to 'convict' or 'acquit.' Potential defendants include Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Ben Nelson, Barney Frank, Sarah Palin, Meg Whitman, Joe Barton, David Vitter and Joe Wilson

NoPoli Network News (NNN), the communications channel of The National Organization For Political Integrity, will be sponsoring the first ever Social Media People's Court, created to 'indict' politicians across the country and put them on 'trial' through popular vote of 'we the people'. After indictments have been handed down, members of the public will be able vote to convict or acquit the political figure. Potential defendants include Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Ben Nelson, Barney Frank, Sarah Palin, Meg Whitman, Joe Barton, David Vitter and Joe Wilson.

It is a fact that many Americans are fed up with politics and politicians in general. Many feel powerless and have come to realize that public figures often consider themselves to be above the law. However, in today's Internet culture, social media has proven itself to be a powerful political force in its own right. Recent events, ranging from reporting of the political upheaval in Iran, to tens of millions of Americans voting for their favorite singers and dancers on American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, have proven that the public has the ability to take back social power, if not political power. Popular vote can make or break the careers of budding rock stars as well as political figures. This happens regardless of government intervention, the dictates of Wall Street lobbyists or political propaganda. will present ten political figures as candidates for indictment. Indictments will be handed down based on public popular votes. Political figures who are indicted will then be tried by the public in a mock trial format. Guilty or not guilty verdicts will also be based on votes submitted by the public at the NNN website,

In addition to shining some light on well deserving political figures, and in addition to its full time, regular staff bloggers, will regularly feature well known business, political and media personalities as guest bloggers. This month's guest blogger is Lod Cook who served for many years as Chairman and CEO of ARCO, under whose leadership ARCO was widely recognized as one of the most successful corporations in all of America, and who was seated on too many philanthropic and corporate boards to name. NNN describes Mr. Cook as "philanthropist supreme," "leader by deeds rather than words" and "advisor to the Presidents." Mr. Cook has served as a trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and as a director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. is proud to count Lod Cook among its most cherished friends and supporters.

For additional people's court insight, visit . For still more information and to cast your vote for indictment of your least favorite political figure, and to then vote him or her guilty or innocent, visit The National Organization For Political Integrity at Questions may be addressed to NNN Publisher and Editor In Chief Steve Kessler.


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