Go Spot Go! Reduce Brown Spots on Lawn Using RascalSpots

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Get your green grass back from the dogs. RascalSpots prevents and repairs brown spots on your lawn from dog urine spots. Guaranteed. This New Product is Available Online at http://www.rascalspots.com

Go Spot Go

When caught early, RascalSpots can cure dog urine on grass spots on the entire lawn without re-planting grass seeds.

Who says you can’t have a family dog AND a nice green grass lawn? RascalSpots “Ready to Spray Concentrate” by Natural Solutions says you can and they even guarantee it!

Family dog breeds enhance our lives in so many ways, but what frustration it is to the homeowner who also desires a beautiful lawn and garden! The main ingredients of dog urine are ammonia and salt which not only kill grass down to the roots but leaves unsightly brown spots. Made in the USA, RascalSpots is the answer being an all natural, non-pathogenic bacteria that is completely safe to lawn and gardens, pets as well as safe around children. RascalSpots multi-action formula has been successfully tested on numerous soil types, in various regions on different grass species and has shown exceptional results in lawn treatment and grass recovery.

How it works: Quick and simple, just attach a bottle of RascalSpots, containing 3 applications, to a garden hose, and in about 7 minutes you can cover 5,000 square feet. Upon contact, the formula goes right to work consuming ammonia from damaged grass spots caused by dog urine. It doesn’t neutralize dog urine but attacks the ammonia. RascalSpots then binds salt from the urine which increases the permeability of the soil allowing for maximum grass recovery. Additional applications are recommended every six to eight weeks to maintain a shield for lawn protection.

When to seed lawns: When caught early, RascalSpots can cure dog urine on grass spots on the entire lawn without re-planting grass seeds. However, the speed of grass re-growth is dependent on the size of the damage, grass type and regional germination rates.

When to apply grass seed: For larger damaged areas or for faster fill in, spray the grass and seed immediately after application based on a homeowner’s desired results.

But, Natural Solutions is so confident that RascalSpots can restore the look and health of your lawn that they offer a Money Back Guarantee if your results are not effective!

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