Six Tips for Safe Off-Campus College Living

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All Home Security offers safety tips for college students who live in off-campus housing.

Living off-campus during college brings an array of perks – from pets and bigger refrigerators to arguably cleaner bathrooms. However, crimes targeting students also happen off campus. In 2008, there were 2,375 non-campus burglaries reported by colleges in the U.S. All Home Security, a leading online resource for home alarm systems and home security monitoring, offers the following tips to help prevent burglaries and other crimes against college students living off-campus.

Be aware of surroundings – Notice approaching danger by staying alert. When feel threatened, drive or walk to a well-lit public area and call the police. It’s better to be wrong than to fall victim to a crime.

Keep in touch – Notify roommates or friends of whereabouts at all times so they’ll know to notify the police if something goes wrong. Increase the likelihood of neighbors checking on and reporting any suspicious activity by becoming acquaintances.

Light the way – The exterior of an off-campus house or apartment should always be well-lit. If it isn’t, contact the property manager and have more lights installed. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs as soon as possible.

Use an Alarm system – Rental property owners should have some type of home alarm system installed. If they don’t, bring it to their attention. Easy-to-use, affordable models can help protect their investments because a burglary can discourage potential renters from living there in the future.

Lock doors – Always lock doors and use deadbolts at night. Unlocked doors are an open and continuous invitation to criminals. Never open doors for or buzz in strangers in apartment buildings. Walk with keys in-hand instead of searching for them in a purse or pockets at the door. Keys can also be used as a weapon against a close assailant.

Hide valuables – Don’t lure criminals by prominently displaying valuables like TVs or computers to people outside. Use blinds or curtains to block others’ views into the living space. Make thieves work to find valuables by keeping items like MP3 players and laptops hidden behind locked bedroom doors while not at home.

These tips are brought to you by All Home Security, an online resource for the best in home security. For more information on how to keep your home and family safe, visit

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