Paying Attention to Sewer Line Warning Signs Can Save Homeowners Thousands in Plumbing Repairs

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Denver plumber Bob Ansel of Drain Solvers says there are many effective techniques to diagnose and efficiently repair sewer line blockages before there’s a disruption of household lifestyle

When the sewer backs up into a home, not only is it a major lifestyle adjustment and a potential health hazard, it can also lead to one of the most expensive home repair issues any home owner ever faces: sewer line replacement. Denver plumber Bob Ansel, owner of Drain Solvers, advises home owners to watch for the warning signs of potential sewer line problems and notes there are several less-invasive steps than full replacement that can save thousands of dollars and keep a home’s plumbing system in top shape for years to come.

“If toilets need extra flushes or if drains are slowing down, then there is probably a blockage in the sewer line that needs to be addressed,” says Ansel. “Occasionally, particularly in older homes, a full sewer line replacement, including digging and trenching the lines to the municipal sewer, will be necessary. Often, however, there are other, less expensive measures that can keep sewer lines operating efficiently for years to come.”

Once a potential problem, like slow drains, has been identified, the first step is a sewer scope, where trained plumbers insert a small television camera into the sewer lines to detect blockage points. Drain Solvers’ Ansel also recommends a sewer scope be performed by potential homeowners before purchasing a property and acquiring an expensive situation. Also, he adds, people planning remodeling or an addition, like a new garage, can use a sewer scope to help in avoiding sewer line damage during construction.

Generally, says Ansel, sewer line blockages are caused by two key issues: first and foremost are tree roots that grow into and can break and clog sewer lines; and second, age, as many older homes have ceramic pipes that could have been installed decades ago when the home was built and are subject to deterioration over time. Sometimes blockages can also occur when homeowners flush inappropriate materials down a toilet, things like diapers, sanitary napkins and even facial tissue.

Most often these problems are minor and can be addressed by reaming out the sewer pipes with specialty designed tools at the plumber’s disposal. If tree roots are the issue, Drain Solvers is a ROOTX plumbing professional, highly trained in using this registered system of root removal that can add years of life to a home’s sewer system. ROOTX is a herbicide that is introduced into the sewer lines, foaming up to reach even the highest areas of the pipe walls, killing to roots and preventing regrowth for up to three years.

Should the blockage be more profound or the pipes too old, Drain Solvers also offers a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Service that eliminates the need for digging in most situations. Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement can be compared to the heart surgery procedure angioplasty, where small access points along the damaged pipe are created so the plumbers can insert a flexible yet super strong polyethylene replacement line into the pipe. These polyethylene sewer lines are rated to last 50 years, Ansel notes.

Finally, if all else fails or if the line is too damaged to benefit from Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement, Drains Solvers has its own excavation equipment and can quickly handle the necessary trenching and sewer line replacement to get a home’s plumbing system back up to par.

“Many people are unaware that there are a variety of methods plumbers can use to save homeowners money, time and lifestyle disruptions,” says Ansel. “We hate to dig if we don’t have to, and in most cases even serious sewer line problems with minimal expense and plumbing downtime.”

Drain Solvers serves drain cleaning and plumbing needs for homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the northern Front Range area of Colorado, from Castle Rock on the south, through the Denver metro area, and also the Boulder, Loveland and Fort Collins areas. For more information on sewer line troubleshooting, repair and replacement call 303-423-1000 in the Denver/Boulder area and 979-812-0504 in Northern Colorado. Also for the complete array of drain cleaning and plumbing solutions, including emergency service, performed by Drain Solvers visit

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