Deck Fasteners Ensure Decks Have a Long, Healthy Life

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There are two groups of deck owners. Those that can’t wait to spend time on their deck, and those that are afraid to step foot on it. Insufficient installation techniques are to blame for nail and screw pop ups that can harm bare feet and lead to serious injury. Homeowners can learn how to repair and salvage the health of their current deck. The use of deck fasteners on new decks will prevent these problems from occurring altogether.

We hear stories about customers who had to repair their deck because of what’s known in the industry as

The Ipe Clip® Fastener Company is educating homeowners about the benefits of deck fasteners and how they create a smooth looking, and safer surface. Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of homeowners are spending time with their families and friends outdoors on their deck. Unfortunately, some of these decks will be compromised due to the fact that they were installed using screws or nails driven straight through the face of the decking. As those decks age, the wood’s natural expansion and contraction loosens the grip of the fastener. The result of this natural movement can cause larger gaps between boards that can cause children to slip and fall. When the screws or nails themselves begin to pop up, they immediately become dangerous to bare feet and can cause puncture wounds.

According to Ipe Clip® Sales Manager Dan Schiefer, “We hear stories about customers who had to repair their deck because of what’s known in the industry as “top down screw installation.” This kind of installation has led to serious injuries. The use of Ipe Clip® deck fasteners prevents these injuries from occurring because the screws are installed below the surface. A finished deck that uses hidden deck fasteners will be free of dangerous fastener pop-ups, or other unpleasant surprises such as dislodged deck boards.”

People who own a deck with “top down screws” are advised to keep a close eye on their deck. Because decking expands and contracts during the course of the year, inspecting the deck surface at least twice a year is recommended. If any loose screws are present, the best thing to do is to drive the screw further into the joist with a 3/8’ countersink bit, cap it with a wood plug, and seal it with an outdoor wood glue. This will keep the board attached to the joist and prevent the screw from popping up. Another alternative would be to remove the screw, and fill it with wood glue and a wood plug. You would then have to ensure the board is attached to the joist by installing another screw and using the previous method to seal it.

For new decks, it is always recommended to use deck fasteners during installation. You could use pre-grooved decking, or a biscuit jointer or a router to cut a slot in the edge of deck board above each joist.

Benefits of using deck fasteners to install decking include:

·        A flawless deck surface
·        Keep the bare feet of guests & children safe
·        Decreased chance of splits, cracks & splinters
·        Greater structural integrity
·        No nail or screw pops
·        No unsightly screw holes or stain marks
·        Automatic gap spacing

About Ipe Clip Fastener Company

The IPE CLIP® Company manufactures deck fasteners that are patented and made from premium grade materials such as glass filled polypropylene and stainless steel inserts. The Extreme™ line of deck fastening systems are ideal for hardwood decking and variety of composite decking. The innovative hidden fastener design allows for fast and easy installation while giving the do-it-yourselfer and expert deck builder, a professionally finished look.

Please call Chris Shope at 1-866-427-2547 for more safety tips and information on deck tools.


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