Bonnie Etta Writes Book, Stress Free Life, Living With A Christ-Centered Attitude

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Christian author and minister Bishop Bonnie Etta writes Stress Free Life: Bishop Bonnie Etta presents the keys to extraordinary living and defeating the spirit of stress through the power of the Holy Spirit and by embracing a Christ-centered attitude

August 11, 2010, Holy Fire Publishing ( releases Stress Free Life (ISBN# 978-1-60383-327-1). Bishop Bonnie Etta shows readers how to defeat the spirit of stress with a Christ-centered attitude.

In a world of political and economic instability, the rich may actually live more stressful lives than the poor, according to Bishop Bonnie Etta in his book Stress Free Life. While traveling extensively in Africa and Europe, Bishop Etta met poor people, many working manual labor jobs, yet greeted him with smiling faces, and celebrating life, seemingly without a worry. Wealth will not provide solutions to the world’s social and moral depravity, which contributes to the high stress levels people experience today. Bishop Etta believes that a happy, stress-free life is the result of having a Christ-centered attitude: “Stress is a spirit that must be dealt with wisely, intelligently, and with the help of the Holy Spirit. His presence is true liberty. His fruit is love, joy and peace. His power is the yoke destroyer. Your happiness does not depend on God; it depends on you …and] your attitude and response to the daily occurrences of your life.”

“In the cause of writing Stress Free Life, I visited several countries in Africa and Europe, and several states in the United States. My experience in Cameroon, in particular, a bilingual country in Central Africa, greatly impacted and changed my life forever. At an airport with unbearable heat and no air conditioning, people were filled with charming smiles, and I wondered why. Then driving through the cities, I saw the true meaning of poverty and hardship: children roaming the streets with several items they were trying to sell in-between cars; women carrying heavy lugs on their heads, others carrying heavy baskets on their backs, walking through the city singing, as they walk several kilometers from their farms, and I wondered why, even in those conditions, the people still celebrate life. I discovered that one can be poor, and in an unwanted situation, and yet be stress free. Stress is a spirit and a condition that you can choose to embrace or reject. No matter your present situation, you can decide to be stress free. There is no level of life or achievement that will guarantee a stress free life; there is no economic situation or political system that can guarantee happiness and true inner freedom. You choose to live the quality of life you want by yielding to stress or by yielding to the Holy Spirit."—Bishop Bonnie Etta

“Change your attitude and you will change your future.’ This is a book for the whole family to sit down and read in meditation.”—Apostle Yemi Akinola

“This book is a divine provision for the results you have been longing for. You will smile again from the dept of your heart.”—Bishop Abraham King, Torino, Italy

“I do greatly recommend this timely book for every individual who values happiness, success and a peaceful life.”—Pastor Estella Etta, World Vision International Worship Center

Bonnie Etta, 43, serves as Bishop of World Vision International Worship center, Beltsville, Maryland, and overseer of World Vision Outreach Ministries International. He and his wife, Estella, have four sons, Immanuel, Elijah, Elisha, and Bonnie, Jr. Please see Bishop Etta’s website for speaking engagements and book signings.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.


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