Survey: 42% of Fibromyalgia Patients Suffer 'Horrible, Constant, Jabbing, Unbearable' Pain

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Forty-two percent of fibromyalgia patients in a new survey cited chronic pain as their worst symptom, describing the pain in words like “horrible”, “constant”, “unbearable” and “jabbing.” Other complaints included 19 percent with chronic fatigue, 9 percent with headaches and migraines, and another 7 percent with "fibro fog," According to the Neurologic Relief Centers, which has developed a new natural approach to relieving symptoms of such chronic conditions.

Forty-two percent of fibromyalgia patients in a new survey cited chronic pain as their worst symptom, describing the pain in words like “horrible”, “constant”, “unbearable” and “jabbing.”

Another nine percent of patients in the survey, conducted for the Neurologic Relief Centers, described their worst symptoms as headaches or migraine.

Nineteen percent said fatigue or lack of energy was the worst aspect of their fibromyalgia, while another seven percent noted difficulties with concentration, or “fibro fog.”

New technique may bring relief

The Neurologic Relief Centers have developed a new approach to relieving the symptoms of a wide range of debilitating, but little-understood conditions, including fibromyalgia and other chronic pains, irritable bowel syndrome and constant fatigue, anxiety and mood disorders.

The NRC believes many symptoms of neurological disorders may be caused by compression of the meninges – the three-membrane protective sheath of the spinal cord and brain. This compression may be caused by accidents, trauma or stress.

“Any tugging on the meninges can have devastating effects on this critical and sensitive nerve action, which in turn can produce a galaxy of undesirable symptoms,” says the NRC. Symptoms include those diagnosed as fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), irritable bowel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and many more.

The pulling and irritation of these nerve roots may cause nerve fibers to fire irregular impulses to the brain, the NRC says. The brain may interpret these fired impulses as pain, itching, burning, coldness, numbness, or other odd feelings. The body, in response to stimuli from irritation, may twitch or spasm, sparking restless leg syndrome, muscle tightness, and spasms often experienced by fibromyalgia patients.

12 million suffer from fibromyalgia

As many as 12 million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, a little-understood disorder that causes chronic, widespread pain and hypersensitivity to pressure. Its effects also go far beyond pain, to symptoms including fatigue, sleeplessness, difficulty in concentration, bowel and bladder problems and many others. For many, fibromyalgia syndrome can be debilitating.

Researchers estimate that fibromyalgia affects up to 6 percent of the population. Medical science does not know what causes the syndrome or how to cure it.

A free and non-intrusive test is used to determine if the full treatment of the Neurologic Relief Centers Technique™ will be of benefit to the patient. The test itself may produce immediate, temporary relief from the symptoms.

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