Start Your Own Profitable Business with Parwan Electronics Corporations' International CallBack Systems

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International CallBack is stronger than ever! With the emergence of consistent high quality VoIP, International CallBack services can now provide both excellence in sound with reduced costs. Without investing in expensive overheads, Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) can help you get started.

The PEC CallBack engine can handle up to 1000’s of simultaneous calls per system and the technology we use provides the best quality CallBack solutions in the industry

Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) has made it easier than ever to start your own International CallBack Business with minimal investment and no long term contracts.

CallBack occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response. It is a method of making low-cost international calls via a third country, where call charges are considerably lower. PEC’s CallBack Systems can reduce costs considerably when making international calls.

Another reason International CallBack is used as opposed to typical prepaid/postpaid calling platform is simply to avoid international legality issues. Since VoIP, calling cards, and calling services are illegal in so many countries throughout the world, CallBack allows the system Admin to place the equipment in a legal country and make the calls from there. The idea is to do all of the outgoing calling from a legal country where lines are more obtainable.

PEC’s International CallBack is a high-end, 100 % VoIP and CISCO based system that is capable of handling prepaid and postpaid CallBack services. “The PEC CallBack engine can handle up to 1000’s of simultaneous calls per system and the technology we use provides the best quality CallBack solutions in the industry”, explains Ajay Tschand, CTO of Parwan Electronics Corporation. CallBack runs on PEC’s CardSaver software in conjunction with CISCO VoIP Gateways. The CardSaver software manages the accounts, rates and call records. The Cisco manages the transmission of voice and signaling.

Customers can trigger callback calls via one of following methods:
1.    Caller ID based - Where Caller ID is available, it may be possible to use the same DID number for many different subscribers, as the callback system will be able to recognize each subscriber's registered number. To place an international phone call, the customer first dials the US access number and hangs up at first ring. In a few seconds, our callback system calls the customer's phone number back and gives a message prompting the customer to dial the destination number.
2.     Web based - Customer logs in to your website, clicks a button, and the CallBack system will call them back.
3.    PIN based – Customer calls the number, after which the system calls them back and they enter the assigned pin number to access their account. PEC now offers auto pinless callback service, where customers can enter the pin and save their pin the first time. This then does not expect them to enter every time and programs their phone number in.
4.    SMS based – Customer sends an SMS(Short Message Service) to your system

There are many benefits in using our CallBack Service:

  •     PEC’s CallBack Service is 100% VoIP based unlike many of the competitors who use the traditional TDM. Being 100% VoIP based, PEC’s systems do not have to convert from TDM to VoIP, thus being able to offer extremely good quality!
  •     Since PEC uses CISCO (embedded system), the sole purpose is to handle this application. Competitors running on PC have a disadvantage as the PC has other purposes, thus the performance is not as good. In PEC’s case, more CISCOs can be added if the load increases.
  •     Phone number normalization – We can detect numbers from countries and thus call back with auto correction by automatically adding country codes. Our systems do number corrections before dialing out.
  •     You can control both legs of the call, therefore being able to bill separately and thus being able to manage rates.
  •     Our Calling cards generate profit and loss reports for customers and can tell if they are losing or making money on different countries.
  •     Our Speed Dial feature allows customers to save frequently called numbers and connect to them without always having to dial the entire number and have faster connections.
  •     Can be used from any phone! The callback service can be used from any cell phone or landline
  •     Extremely good for Business or frequent travelers as they can use while travelling! People travelling can use the callback service from their hotel room and have the calls transferred in to their hotel rooms.
  •     Change your callback number at any time! Customers can change their callback number at any time, either by calling, or though the Internet effective immediately.
  •     Make multiple calls once the callback is received without having to dial the callback number again.
  •     Low international calling rates are assured along with high quality VoIP based connections.
  •     Excellent customer service by the skilled and efficient team of Parwan Electronics Corporation.

Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) has been creating innovative and bullet-proof software since 1984. They have installed over 25,000 Systems worldwide in more than 10,000 locations. PEC is dedicated exclusively to the telecom software field and specializes in providing telecom Systems for TDM & VoIP phone companies, entrepreneurs, corporate offices, and many more.

“We at Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) have a great deal of experience designing and integrating with products developed for the telecom industry,” says Rachna Tschand, Director of PR and Marketing, Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC). The entire organization is geared to industrial-strength software products that meet the telecom requirements of today, at cost effective prices. The knowledgeable technical support teams employed by Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC) are available to assist you during installation and the operating of your system.

Get Started with PEC’s CallBack now!

Contact us at:
Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC)
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Aberdeen, New Jersey 07747 USA
Phone: 001-732-290-1900 ext. 225
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