Research Proves Preschool Education is More Important Than Ever Before

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Research has shown that a solid preschool education is critical to a child's future educational success as well as their later success as an adult. The Adventures of Scuba Jack has created a series of learning materials to help parents and caregivers lay a solid educational foundation for their children.

You’ve heard it before. Children are sponges. They soak up information and knowledge as quickly as they can get it, and the years that they are the most “absorbent” so to speak, is from birth to age 5. Research has shown time and again that these years are the most crucial in a child’s development of a strong learning foundation. A high quality preschool education is pivotal not only to their future academic success, but to their overall success as productive members of society as adults.

Not every child attends an on-site preschool program, though. Some parents aren’t able to afford the tuition and others prefer to remain at home with their children during these early years of life. This doesn’t mean that these children cannot be given the same learning opportunities and knowledge at home that the children attending preschool are receiving. Parents and other at home care givers are perfectly capable of laying a solid foundation of learning for their children. The Adventures of Scuba Jack has created some exciting products to help both at home care givers and on-site childcare providers in achieving this goal.

Children are fascinated by adventure and fantasy, the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the past. They dream of adventures on the high seas as pirates or of dancing in the forest with fairies and butterflies. They look at the majesty and beauty of the world beneath the sea with wonder and are awed by the massive size and power of the dinosaurs. Why not take advantage of their interests and engage them in learning at the same time? The Adventures of Scuba Jack has done just that.

It’s a simple fact that people learn better when they are interested in the subject at hand. Children are people too, and they are no exception to the rule. The Adventures of Scuba Jack has captured the interest and imagination of children everywhere with the release of their 5 new activity books. Dinosaurs introduces preschoolers to some of the most interesting dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth; Fairies brings fantasy and whimsy into the lives of preschoolers dreaming of unicorns and fairy princesses; Oceans invites preschoolers to swim with whales and float with jellyfish while learning about this amazing ecosystem; Pirates will make the landlubber in every child imagine setting sail with a crew of pirates for the adventure of a lifetime; and Rainforests introduces preschoolers to one of the most amazing habitats on earth, and the fascinating creatures that live within.

Filled with colorful, engaging, theme specific activities and craft projects, each of these books contains activities designed to build basic preschool skills critical to success in Kindergarten. The books introduce and encourage letter, number, color and shape recognition, counting, matching, patterns, sequencing, pre-reading skills, early math skills and more! Even fine motor skills are developed through writing, coloring and cutting.

For preschoolers in need of even more practice with their alphabet and numbers, The Adventures of Scuba Jack offers Scuba Jack’s Alphabet Workbook and Scuba Jack’s Counting Workbook. Scuba Jack’s Alphabet Workbook focuses on the correct formation of uppercase and lowercase letters and the sound that each letter makes. Scuba Jack’s Counting Workbook focuses on the correct formation of the numbers one through ten as well as counting groups of sea creatures.

All of these activity books are beautifully illustrated and are sure to catch the eye of preschoolers and parents alike. The suggested retail price of each of these books is $5.95. For more information visit


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