New Technology Challenges a Profit-Based Economy the World Over

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Society has collapsed into two separate socioeconomic classes. As technology provides more efficient means to care for society, less people will be required in the workforce. Therefore, new Technology will Destroy any Economy Based on the Profit Motive.

It’s time to stop thinking outside the box, and forget the box altogether

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Angle: Some make blanket accusations to identify the importance of the cause; for example, greed or corruption, or even laziness or lack of a winning attitude. However, the problem is much more fundamental. Technology provides a more efficient means to care for society; therefore, less people will be required in the workforce. History has shown when unskilled labor is replaced by machines, people were encouraged to advance their education to become skilled labor. On the surface, this is a positive incentive. This is any capitalists dream--any CEO's dream--where the goal would be if a capital investment could replace the overhead of a workforce entirely; producing pure profits in the end.

Story: Two problems arise: The first is when the "providers" become so efficient, they require less people to maintain society's needs than the number of people living within it. Entire populations of people would actually become extraneous to a capitalist system. The second problem is when even skilled, educated labor, is replaced by more efficient technology. One (of many) examples is the standard healthcare system. Machines that can identify illness more efficiently and more accurately than a doctor, would destroy any incentive to submit to the rigorous education required to become one. The demand would simply not exist in the mind of the CEO, according to a capitalist system.

Peg/Boilerplate/Safe Harbor: The story needs to be told because one of three things must happen as a result of new technology: (1) society must exterminate entire populations of unnecessary labor due to the technology, (2) society must suppress technology from ever becoming efficient. (3) technology must destroy a profit-based system. The first two options are ludicrous. "The only solution is to accept that technology will overwhelm a society based on the profit motive," says Sandburg, a classically trained Theoretical Physicist and amateur astronomer. "To avoid catastrophe, electromass provides both new technological insight as well as a possible solution to the economic implications on society." By utilizing electromass, conclusions can now be drawn for the first time, providing big answers and huge savings. Astronomical data can act as a guide to understand the human body and mind, identify living organisms at a glance, and realize the power of nature.

"Well the future looks bright indeed! I am not sure how anyone can read that and not come away with a much richer, more fulfilling, and far more interesting view of the universe we reside in. It is all right there, in your face, and all you have to do is take a halfway decent look at it and it becomes obvious."

"Sandburg takes a massive jump from conventional "basics" to a personalized version, of theory."

"It makes so much more sense, really."

Source: Sandburg, Justin. Electromass - The Same Principles at Every Scale. Bloomington, New York: iUniverse, 2010.

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