Lia Scallon of The Sounds of Sirius Conducts Two Los Angeles-area Crystal Skull Events in October 2010

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The Crystal Matrix Center hosted Australia-based Lia Scallon in a special healing ceremony with crystal skulls Jomcata Mayab and She-Shona; Scallon also appeared at Borders in Long Beach to support the U.S. introduction of her Sounds of Sirius 8-album series.

Lia Scallon, founder of The Sounds of Sirius, conducted two healing events for the Southern California community following her participation in the World Mysteries 10.10.10 conference in Tempe, Arizona. Scallon’s special ceremonies usually take place in her current home of Australia, but at The Crystal Matrix Center (Glendale) and Border’s Bookstore (Long Beach), Southern Californians were able to experience her sound healings and to learn more about the mysterious crystal skulls.

It was a full house at The Crystal Matrix Center ( on October 20 at 7:30 p.m., as Scallon shared the exquisite melodies and Light Language of the Sounds of Sirius in order to give participants access to the ancient knowledge within the Crystal Skulls. Everyone present at The Center also received a personal healing, channeled by Scallon.

“I am blessed to be a conduit for this vibrational healing, which includes the beautiful and timeless language of Sirius. Every soul seems to recognize this language and responds to it in a very individual way,” Scallon explained. “In essence, the Sounds of Sirius is awakening the soul through vibrational vocal healing, using Divine language and music.”

At Border’s Bookstore, Scallon shared stories of her path as a light worker, and signed CDs from her extensive 8-album Sounds of Sirius series. She also gave participants an insight into her work with the Crystal Skulls, explaining that her own skulls have received information and wisdom from many of the world’s ancient and powerful skulls and sacred sites around the world. She says that her role with the Crystal skulls at this time is to activate the stored knowledge within them with her sacred channeled song. In this way, people present with the skulls, in that moment, are given access to their wisdom, too.

Recently in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Scallon reconnected with a powerful Mayan Crystal Skull she met first in 2006. At last year’s World Mysteries 09-09-09 conference in Arizona, Lia’s skulls joined many of the world’s famous and ancient skulls -- Synergy, Sha-Na-Ra, Rainbow, Rosie, Maya, Sam, Tibetan skulls Luzi, Ezorok and Amar, and the extraordinary Orb of Atlantis -- when these skulls came together for the first time in history! Lia reunited with a host of international presenters this year, for the World Mysteries 10.10.10 conference in Tempe, Arizona from Oct 8-11, 2010.

Scallon’s healing sounds have touched people from across the globe, garnering comments like that of music reviewer Alejandro Clavijo of in Spain, who said “Lia’s unique vocal harmonics have a profoundly healing effect upon the listener, creating a deep sense of calm and peacefulness.” Numerous testimonials, CD reviews, helpful articles and products are available on the Sounds of Sirius website at

About Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius:
Irish-born Lia Scallon, is a singer and sound healer now living in Australia. On graduating from Trinity College Dublin, she became an actress, sharing the stage and screen with the likes of Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchett and Glen Close. In more recent years, Scallon has found a new expression for her creative talents through her unique gift of sacred song and Light Language, which have a profound healing effect on many listeners. Lia’s music induces an immediate sense of deep calm and peacefulness - each note and word seems imbued with the energy of pure Love. Her eight albums, newly available in the USA, awaken the soul through vibrational vocal healing using divine language and music. Website:


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