3 Ways Of Meeting Girls On Facebook, The Ultimate Social Network

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An insider’s look on meeting girls on Facebook and why the biggest social network in human history has changed the online dating game forever. http://www.win-with-women.com

With over 500 million people using Facebook today, the number of users of this social network is larger than the population of most countries in the world. Facebook makes meeting new people and staying in touch with them a breeze. One can’t help but wonder then: is meeting girls on Facebook possible, and how can it be done? And has Facebook changed the online dating game?

Top dating coach for men Dennis Miedema points out: “Look, most guys quit online dating and meeting girls on Facebook within 3 months because of a lack of results. Why can’t they achieve success? Because on most online dating sites they can only send women messages, just like all the other thousands of men can. Attractive looking women receive 30 to 50 messages per day on average, so it’s very tough for guys to stand out and meet a girl online because of all the other losers spamming women with messages. But with Facebook? It’s an entirely different story!”

Dennis Miedema explains: “Meeting girls on Facebook can be done in the same way as it’s done on other sites. Guys can send girls a message like everyone else does and then hope for the best. Unlikely they’ll ever get a reply. But they can also meet girls on Facebook by using all of its features. So here’s the first way of meeting girls on Facebook: if guys comment on girls’ photos they’ll not be one of 30 to 50 guys a day doing that, but one of 5 to 10 ever. Way easier to stand out!”

The second way of meeting girls on Facebook Dennis gives guys: “Why do guys send messages that don’t stand out, when they can add text to a Friend Request? A Friend Request stands out way more than messages. So, if guys use a Friend Request to create attraction, then getting a girl’s attention and then her phone number is ten times easier.”

Dennis Miedema goes on to say: “The third way of meeting girls on Facebook is often overlooked. Look, everyone on the planet has favorite TV shows, movies, celebrities and so on. There are pages, groups and more that allow dudes to comment and chat away. Again: less than 30 to 50 messages a day here, so why not post messages to pages, groups etc. to meet girls on Facebook?”

He continues: “The biggest problem men have when meeting girls on Facebook or anywhere else online is not that they can’t create attraction, because sometimes all that’s needed to meet a girl is say “Hi” if they’re her type. The biggest problem is not being able to stand out because dozens of other guys approach a girl in the exact same way. Using comments on photos, Friend Requests and comments on pages, groups and so on enables men to grab a woman’s attention. All they need to do after that is be themselves, have a fun conversation, and ask for a phone number. “

Dennis concludes: “Meeting girls on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, most dudes make it way more difficult for themselves than it really is! Ultimate proof: everyone on our Win With Women team that help men meet women? They all met their girlfriend online without much effort and now all have long term relationships. So guys, make meeting girls on Facebook easier with these 3 tips!”

Dennis Miedema is the author of The Simple Inner Game System and a trusted authority on dating advice for men, including meeting girls on Facebook. During the last 2 years, he has helped at least 2,321 men approach 18,568 women, get 4,642 phone numbers, and go on 1,547 dates. If not more.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (a large group of dating coaches) for giving top notch quality dating advice for men about meeting girls on Facebook, meeting women online in general, and many other topics.

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